How to dilute Essential Oils
Blog 17 April 2022 – Active Lifestyles
How to dilute Essential Oils 
Essential oils are highly concentrated and should therefor not be applied undiluted to our skin, since it can cause skin irritation and sensitivity because of their potency. By diluting essential oils in our favt1orite carrier oil, we can safely enjoy the many topical benefits. Essential oils do not loose any of their amazing properties if we add it to regular lotions, creams and oils, it can safely be diluted with just about any household brands of products.
The main reason we use carrier oils is to prevent the essential oils from evaporating from our skin before it can be absorbed. The carrier oils keep the Essential oils on our skin for longer which allows for deeper penetration and leaving the aroma to linger for a longer period of time for us to benefit from.
Because of EO's high concentration, the aroma might be overwhelming to the senses. Blending and diluting the oils before applying gives us a pleasant scent to enjoy all day.

Recommended dilution rates for Adults
  • A Concentration of 10% is quite strong and can be used on a daily basis for targeted applications like muscle rubs. It can also be used on small areas of the body like perfumes
  • A Concentration of 5% is for occasional long term use such as hair treatments or massage oil
  • A Concentration of 3% is the most popular ratio and is recommended for daily long-term such as in lotions or creams for the whole body.

Essential oils for topical use on Children
Always dilute any essential oils that will be topically used on infants or children, because their skin are often more sensitive than that of adults. Always do a patch test to make sure the oils are not causing any irritation.
Keep essential oils away from eyes, mouth, and face. If seeking to relieve congestion, rather diffuse, steam, or use on a separate part of the child’s body, such as the back or under the feet.  
  • A Concentration of 5 % is the highest concentration to be used for kids aged 11yrs+  for targeted applications on an occasional basis.
  • A Concentration of 3% is recommended for occasional use such as hair treatments or massage oils for kids ages 5-11yrs
  • A Concentration of 2% for kids aged 5yrs+ for use in lotions or creams.  Roller bottle recipes to be applied under the feet.
  • A Concentration of 1% is recommended for kids aged 1-5yrs. Never apply any oils to a child’s face, application under the feet is best
  • It is not recommended to apply essential oils topically to infants up to 1yr, but if diluted strictly to specifications, a 0.5% dilution is acceptable, also applied under the feet. Babies are very sensitive to smell and oils should therefor not be applied anywhere near their faces.
The recommended dilution ratios can be used for most oils. There are some oils that might need extra dilution like peppermint, wintergreen, panaway and the like, these are ‘hot’ oils which could leave a burning sensation when applied to the skin. Always do thorough research on all the oils you would like to add to a topical blend, especially when pregnant or breastfeeding.

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Disclaimer : Any suggestions in the blogpost are general guidelines based on traditional aromatherapy practice. None of the content serves as medical advice. If unsure, please consult your physician before using any essential oils.


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