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Family is so important! Mutually supportive relationships make life amazing!

I am so happy to announce that one of my sisters has decided to join my daughter and I on our journey to help people live happier, healthier lives with these wonderful products.  There are literally hundreds of products to choose from.  Essential oils, cleaning products, beauty products, pet products, food products, personal care products.  There really is something for everyone. 

I purchase products from them on a monthly basis. It saves me a trip to Walmart and I know that I am getting top quality products for a couple of reasons.  One, I used to work on one of the Young Living Farms.  I was able to see "behind the scenes", not just the image that they show the public.  I know the dedication that goes into growing and producing top quality products.  Two, I feel remarkably better since I have started using these products.  I have seen many people in my community with horrible colds, flus, coughs, etc.  Yet, my daughter and I haven't come down with any of those in a couple of years, literally.  My husband decided to take a diffuser to work because he wants those benefits too.  

It is so much easier than you realize.  Starter kits start at $45. This makes you eligible for a 24% discount on all future orders.  All you have to do is spend $50 a YEAR to keep your membership active.  You can purchase your hand soap, lotions, face cleaners, face creams, body wash, etc. through them instead of at your local store making it very easy to reach that minimum. If you find that you spend money with them every month, then there is a program to earn points back for free items.  They offer different items every month as promos; when you spend a minimum amount you will get those items free.  You can also choose to earn money by promoting the company and signing up new members.  Anyone looking to feel better, use greener products, eliminate toxic chemicals, or live healthier really should join us!

If you want to know more, please call me.  I would love to tell you about the products and what you can expect if you start using them.  Even though I stand to earn money by selling you these products, my main objective is to help people feel better.  I have seen such an amazing difference that I want to share that with people.  If you decide that this just isn't for you, I will NOT pressure you to buy.  I'm not a salesman, I am a caretaker!

Finding Time for Life

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in life that we forget to live!

I find myself focusing on bills, taxes, home remodeling, building a business... There is little to no time left for my family or myself.  I fall behind in self care.  I skip quality meals, opting for processed junk because it's more convenient.  This leaves me low on energy and walking the edge of depression.  Why is it so hard to make myself a priority?

I promise myself to do better; understanding the importance.  Even though I have finally realized that I am worthy of care, I still neglect me.  How long does it take to create new habits? I searched for the answer and found numbers ranging from 18 days to 254 days.  Okay, so I have only been trying to set this habit for 3 years.  Apparently I have found yet another way that I am abnormal.   Scratch that, let's say that I am unique.... After all, the words that we use have a huge impact on our internal psyche. 

It is so much easier to give up than to keep trying.  That is why you see so many people give in to despair or settle for less than their dreams.  We often don't realize how our thoughts and our word choice lead us down a more positive or a more negative path.  We tend to blame things outside of us for our failures.  While things in our environment do affect us, they do not control us!  We have the power to choose!  

Though I continue to be challenged in the self care department, I won't quit.  Though I have exercised and eaten mostly clean (see above-admission of processed foods) for 6 weeks without losing a pound, I won't quit.  Though I struggle to find time for my family, I won't quit showing them my love.  Though I have had little response to my business endeavors, I won't quit.  I won't quit!!!!

I challenge you to NOT QUIT!
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