} My Story
Everyone has a Journey.
You choose the path. 
Hello ~ I'm Amanda
Today I choose Joy. 
I knew how to tread water, but this time it felt like drowning. All the plans we had, all the things we wanted, all the time that seemed well spent was now weighing down on my shoulders. Life had taken a huge turn. More than that, it slammed us into a brick wall. It made me take a hard look at what we were striving for and how we had decided to make that journey. There was a lot of asking why and definitely some tears. 

When you have everything break down it can result in the best time to rebuild the foundation. I began to dig deep and search. What was most important in our life, for our family? What truly bought me joy? If I only could keep so much... If I only had time for... What kind of family lifestyle did I see for us? 

I knew we needed to start a new journey, and it began with simplifying what we truly wanted and purging the rest. Freedom became the light at the end of the tunnel, and the weight on my shoulders was less and less. Imagine the life you want. Maybe it's closer than you think. It's just covered up by too much. 

Join me on our journey to discover simple living, learning how to create better heath and relaxed schedules, and easy organizing. And on this journey making sure to find yourself and your creative passion!