Day 8: All About Thieves
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350+ Uses for Thieves Booklet

What’s one household chore that you actually enjoy doing? What about it makes it enjoyable to you? Share it below for a chance to win the All About Thieves prize pack. And don’t forget to leave your information here so that I can contact you if you are the winner (you only need to fill out the info sheet once for the entire giveaway).

*all of these items are from my own personal collection that I paid for myself. 


  1. I enjoy putting laundry away, I like to blast my music or watch my favorite show and make sure everything ends up in the right place !
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/08/2020 08:48 AM Central
    What a fun idea!
  2. Rebecca Boncaro  12/08/2020 07:56 AM Central
    Vacuuming is satisfying to me. I get to suck up what's been dropped and it feels good when it's cleaned up. I even vacuum my wood floors! Crumbs & cat hair be gone! I even spray Thieves cleaner on my wood floors when I mop!
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/08/2020 08:48 AM Central
    That's so true!
  3. Cleaning up the playroom with my kiddos — it’s fun to work together and make a plan to accomplish our goal.
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/08/2020 08:47 AM Central
    Yes, that's fun!
  4. I enjoy ironing! I still iron shirts & pants and love it. It helps me feel accomplished immediately since I took a piece of clothing from looking frumpy to looking fresh & pressed.
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/08/2020 08:47 AM Central
    That's awesome. It is an accomplishment for sure!
  5. Debbie Cornwell  12/08/2020 08:20 AM Central
    I really don’t mind doing the laundry.
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/08/2020 08:47 AM Central
    Want to come do mine? Kidding! :)
  6. If I had to pick one it would be the dishes because I turn my playlist on and listen to my favorite songs
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/08/2020 08:47 AM Central
    That keeps it fun!
  7. I love doing laundry! I love seeing the pile of dirty clothes disappear and I love clean clothes!
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/08/2020 11:10 AM Central
    That's awesome Stacey!
  8. I actually enjoy washing dishes.
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/08/2020 11:10 AM Central
    That's great! My son says it's "satisfying" :)
  9. Mary-Kay Wheeler  12/08/2020 09:58 AM Central
    I enjoy using my swifter - I put on music and dance around makes me happy and of course I have my diffuser going :)
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/08/2020 11:10 AM Central
    Nice, way to make it fun!
  10. I don’t enjoy any chores lol butnif cooking is considered one of them that will be mine.
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/08/2020 11:09 AM Central
    HA! Same!! :)
  11. I enjoy vacuuming because I feel better when my floors are clean. There’s nothing worse than walking barefoot and feeling crumbs or whatever it is.
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/09/2020 10:56 AM Central
    For sure...I hate having to brush off my feet if there are crumbs somewhere - yuck!
  12. I love to dust with my thieves cleaner. Everything is shiny and smells so good. Makes me happy
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/09/2020 10:56 AM Central
    Me too! Smells amazing!
  13. I like doing laundry! It’s so satisfying to see the piles disappear!
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/09/2020 10:55 AM Central
    That's so true!
  14. I love seeing the vacuum lines in the satisfying!
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/10/2020 02:17 PM Central
    So satisfying!!
  15. There isn't any chores I actually enjoy doing - but the satisfaction of a clean house feels good! I also like the feeling of all the laundry put away as soon as it's done drying!
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/11/2020 07:15 AM Central
    I feel the same way...I enjoy it when it's done!
  16. I actually enjoy vacuuming! It’s satisfying to see the lines and suck things up!!
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/13/2020 05:11 PM Central
    That's so true!
  17. 🤔 this is a tough one...
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/13/2020 05:10 PM Central
    So none of them?? ha!
  18. Erin Bozetarnik  12/11/2020 03:15 PM Central
    I really don't mind laundry, especially folding,, even though it never ends!
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/13/2020 05:09 PM Central
    Especially with kids!
  19. Priscilla Karsten  12/12/2020 08:19 PM Central
    Not a big fan of chores but If I have to choose one I would say vacuuming.
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/13/2020 05:00 PM Central
    So satisfying, isn't it?!
  20. I enjoy vacuuming. Something about seeing the clean straight lines. ;)
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/14/2020 02:14 PM Central
    I just was vacuuming today and Dave said "that's so satisfying" :)

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