Day 11: Let’s Stay Home
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Tea Tree Foot Soak

What’s your favorite at-home activity? Share it below for a chance to win the Let’s Stay Home prize pack. And don’t forget to leave your information here so that I can contact you if you are the winner (you only need to fill out the info sheet once for the entire giveaway).

*all of these items are from my own personal collection that I paid for myself. 


  1. Right now we are really enjoying movie nights - cuddling up on the couch with the lights off and the tree and fireplace on
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/13/2020 05:12 PM Central
    Yes! The one good thing about the days being shorter!
  2. Debbie Cornwell  12/11/2020 09:09 AM Central
    Working puzzles is calming for me.
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/13/2020 05:12 PM Central
    That's great!
  3. Relaxing with my husband and dog!
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/13/2020 05:11 PM Central
    Perfect day!
  4. Been really enjoying our evenings as a family of 4 cuddled together reading books before bedtime !
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/13/2020 05:10 PM Central
    Precious! I miss those times!
  5. Rebecca Boncaro  12/11/2020 01:25 PM Central
    We have enjoyed getting cozy clothes on and doing a game night or movie night as a family. :0)
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/13/2020 05:09 PM Central
    The perfect night in my book!
  6. Watching hallmark movies
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/13/2020 05:09 PM Central
    Wish I could watch with you!
  7. Erin Bozetarnik  12/11/2020 03:20 PM Central
    Reading! I'm drawn to historical fiction, and have read several good ones this year.
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/13/2020 05:08 PM Central
    I love reading too. I am not one for history but read a historical fiction for book club a few months ago and loved it!
  8. I enjoy reading.
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/13/2020 05:08 PM Central
    me too!
  9. Cooking and relaxing
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/13/2020 05:08 PM Central
    Love it!
  10. We are enjoying watchung movies right now being home so much due to Covid. But we read, play scrabble and cook together. I love being home!
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/13/2020 05:05 PM Central
    Me too...I'm a homebody!
  11. Reading! And lately we’ve been all gathering in the same room and each reading our own book, or one of us reading aloud.
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/13/2020 05:03 PM Central
    That's such a cool idea!
  12. We love family game night and watching movies together!
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/13/2020 05:02 PM Central
    Two of my favorite things too :)
  13. Painting for sure but if I’m not in the mood I will journal or watch a movie!
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/13/2020 05:02 PM Central
    Creating can be so relaxing and cathartic!
  14. Priscilla Karsten  12/12/2020 08:16 PM Central
    Cooking and working on my budget. I dont have kids, it's just my husband and I and so, this year we really dove deeper into our health and our finances. So budgeting and cooking is fun for me now!
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/13/2020 05:01 PM Central
    That's so great - being intentional and focusing on the important things really keeps things in perspective.
  15. Sitting on my back patio and watching sunsets.
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/13/2020 04:59 PM Central
    Your patio is so dreamy.
  16. Baking... i love baking
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/14/2020 02:12 PM Central
    What's your favorite thing to bake?
  17. Jessica Michael  12/13/2020 09:16 PM Central
    Playing games with family and friends
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/14/2020 02:11 PM Central
    Me too!
  18. Mary-Kay Wheeler  12/14/2020 08:46 AM Central
    I love to have on a Hallmark movie and sit by a fire for a relaxing evening.
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/14/2020 02:11 PM Central
    My mother in law loves Hallmark movies too! So fun.

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