Day 12: Aroma All Day
Retail Value: $50
Essential Oil Vial Necklace with Sterling Silver Chain
Faux Leather Diffuser Earrings

Do you have a favorite online jewelry maker? Share it below for a chance to win the Aroma All Day prize pack. (Fun Fact: I had a jewelry business for 14 years and sold it two years ago!). And don’t forget to leave your information here so that I can contact you if you are the winner (you only need to fill out the info sheet once for the entire giveaway).

*all of these items are from my own personal collection that I paid for myself. 


  1. Thrive products.... they make the most beautiful jewelry among other things
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/13/2020 05:07 PM Central
    I'll check them out! Do you have a link? I'm having a hard time finding them.
  2. Erin Bozetarnik  12/12/2020 07:38 AM Central
    Get Karried Away makes beautiful earrings!
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/13/2020 05:06 PM Central
    I'll check that out!
  3. Put on Love Designs I love her bracelets!
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/13/2020 05:05 PM Central
    Yes, I love hers too!! I only have one so far.
  4. The only online jewelry I have purchased has been from you! So would love to see other's comments.
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/13/2020 05:05 PM Central
    Oh that's so cool! Thanks for supporting my biz back in the day!
  5. Yours! I wear my teeny stamped bands everyday. I also like Made by Mary and Lisa Leonard.
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/13/2020 05:05 PM Central
    I'm so glad you are still loving your TSB's! Both of those others have amazing jewelry as well...I like both of them!
  6. Rebecca Boncaro  12/12/2020 08:25 AM Central
    I don't have a place that I buy handmade jewelry. I think I will have to look into that but it sounds like people really like yours a lot! That is great!
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/13/2020 05:04 PM Central
    I had a lot of loyal customers for that 14 years that I was open! <3
  7. I have just learned about More Like Sisters, but haven’t been able to buy anything yet– they sell fast! And my favorite store to buy handmade jewelry (also has a website) is Poppy in Columbia, MO.
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/13/2020 05:03 PM Central
    I'll check that out, thanks!
  8. I love to buy jewelry that is handmade in Uganda by single women trying to earn a living for their families. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry myself, but often buy gifts for others to support these ladies!
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/13/2020 05:03 PM Central
    I love that! Do you have a link you can share with us?
  9. I do have some friends who make beautiful earrings. I would buy them all if I could!
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/13/2020 05:02 PM Central
    Earrings can really make an outfit!
  10. Lucy Earring Co on Instagram has the cutest clay earrings! 🙂
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/13/2020 05:02 PM Central
    I love her earrings!
  11. Debbie Cornwell  12/12/2020 12:12 PM Central
    I use to have. She went out of business about 2 years ago. Lol
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/13/2020 05:01 PM Central
    Awe, love you! Thank you for the support for all those years.
  12. The only online jeweler I purchased from was you! :) But I always have my eye out for other beautiful jewelry.
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/13/2020 05:00 PM Central
    Awe <3 Love that.
  13. I wouldn’t say I have a favorite but still love my stamped bands from you when you made them. Also, love supporting any small business that make the hand cut leather earrings. Have been a fan of Iviana and Co.
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/14/2020 02:14 PM Central
    Awe, thanks! I'll check out Iviana and Co!
  14. I haven’t bought from them but my husband had Beautiful Petra from etsy as an engagement ring, their blooming ring is beautiful.
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/14/2020 02:12 PM Central
    Ooh, I'll check it out.
  15. Jessica Michael  12/13/2020 09:20 PM Central
    Spiffy & Splendid!!! I wear some of her earrings pretty much every day. She’s a friend of mine and does a beautiful job!
    Amy Cornwell AUTHOR  12/14/2020 02:11 PM Central
    Yes, she does!

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