36 Ways to Use Essential Oils

When I posted a survey the other day, the top request was that I share product usage tips so today that's what I'm doing! I'm going to share 36 ways to use essential oils. I hope that this list helps you realize some new ways to use the oils that you have on hand! If you're the video watching type, take a peek at this 5 minute video from Young Living. If not, scroll down for all thirty-six tips! Which one is your favorite tip?

DIY Focus Blend

We can all use a little bit of help in the area of focus sometimes, am I right? This is especially true right now when it's hard to concentrate because there are so many struggles going on. This blend is energizing and is perfect for studying, working or simply when you need some extra focus. You can apply it to your forehead, behind your ears, to the back of your neck or rub it in your palms and inhale it aromatically.


DIY Travel Bed Spray

DIY Travel Bed Spray - you need this if you travel! Sleep soundly without fear of unwanted guests 😉If you don't have time to watch the video, you'll want a 2oz spray bottle and Palo Santo, Lavender, Cedarwood essentail oils. You'll add 15 drops of each into the spray bottle and then top with distilled water. The distilled water will help the oils disperse into the water. Give it a quick shake then spray on the bed when you travel! 

DIY Inflammation Synergy

Today we're making a DIY Inflammation Support Synergy to use in capsules. Please only use Young Living Vitality oils for internal consumption as a dietary supplement.


DIY Sleepy Blend Roller

This has become one of my favorite combinations before bedtime. I love it so much that I’ve made a blend in a 15ml bottle to keep by my bed to put in my diffuser. If you would rather have the blend as a rollerball – here you go! It’s super easy to make and you’ll just rub it on your feet and wrists before you slip under the sheets. Sweet dreams.

In a 10mL roller bottle blend:
10 drops
10 drops
10 drops
Cedarwood (or Lavender)
fill the remainder with your favorite carrier oil (I recommend fractionated coconut oil or Young Living’s V-6 blend)

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