LavaDerm Spray & Mist - what's the difference?

What’s the difference between LavaDerm Cooling Mist and LavaDerm After Sun Spray? Let’s find out! One is considered an OTC product that is great for scrapes, cuts and burns! The other is soothing & calming to the skin.

Oils in the Bedroom (and I don't mean sleep)

Oh boy, I’m blushing already and I haven’t gotten started. Discussing oils and intimacy is a topic that a good number of people wonder about but many are too afraid to ask. It is a real topic that many people struggle with and it’s hurting relationships. Talking about oils in the bedroom is not something that I’ve done yet, but I was privileged to hear it spoken about at a conference I went to a few years back. I still have the booklet that they gave out so I’ll be using information from that to teach you all today. When we say there are oils for just about everything, we mean it!

Tips for Having More Energy

Let’s face it, we can almost all use more energy. It’s something that most people struggle with at some point. So let’s talk about some helpful tips to make us all feel more energetic throughout the day.


How Do I Know What to Use?

I’m really excited for today’s topic because it’s the question I receive the most when someone first gets started. So many people ask, “How do I know which oil to use for _______?” This question is tricky because Young Living sells natural products. Natural Products can’t be listed as a treatment for an ailment because then they’d be considered a drug. So I can’t say, “Use _______ for a headache” because then I’d be treating that item as a drug and that’s against the law per the FDA. So how do you know what to use?