Beverly Jacobson

Young Living Essential Oils
Independent Distributor
# 2443862

Colorado Springs, Colorado 80921
Phone: 7128909584

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Our Story

I confess I dragged my feet getting on board the essential oils bandwagon. It took me months to investigate, read, research, and dig in before my husband and I took the plunge to buy that Premium Starter Kit to "see what happened." That was in January 2015. We became "closet oil users," trying them here and there but determined not to be THOSE people who couldn't stop talking about oils.

Months later, we realized that this wasn't just a passing fad. It was a hundred little things, all adding up to huge strides in our family's health. We were hardly getting sick any more--and this is a big deal when you have 8 children! If someone did succumb to a bug, the discomfort was contained and over quickly. Health issues that had been a struggle were disappearing. Emotions were more even keeled. Literally, the atmosphere in our home was changing!

Prayerfully we made the decision as a family to share Young Living products with folks interested in pursuing wellness, purpose, and abundance via natural means. We stand as a testimony of God's amazing, sustaining grace, and by that grace, we are watching in awe as the lives of people we love are changing for the better.