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Andrea here! Looks like we have more in common after all...


Four months before I got married, my fiancé and I went to a wellness consult and received horrible news. It was discovered that I had a large fibroid tumor that could interfere with childbearing. I felt devastated at the thought of possibly not being able to have kids. I decided to seek guidance on how I could detox the fibroid naturally from my body. When I learned that certain foods influence fibroid growth, I decided to reach out to a nutritional therapist. A bio scan revealed that I was dealing with loads of stress, which can profoundly contribute to fibroid growth. So, upon my therapist’s recommendation I began taking supplements to start supporting my body. 

Every day I had to take infoceutical supplements labeled 1 - 4 to achieve total relaxation. If I didn’t engage correctly in the methodical process of taking the supplements, relaxation could not be achieved. For three months, I lived life this way, following a strict regimen to have a stress-free life

And then one day everything changed. I met an aromatherapist who was sharing stories about essential oils. She mentioned one oil that could help with relaxation. I was so captivated by her passion that I was convinced essential oils could work for me too. So, I decided to invest in my own set, and my life changed for the better! 

The next time I had a stressful day and was low on infoceuticals, I decided to try an oil blend from my kit that looked like it could be helpful. With nothing to lose, I poured out a few tiny drops of oil, and applied it to the back of my neck. I breathed in deeply as the clean, refreshing scent filled the air around me and instantly my spirit was uplifted! Suddenly, all of life’s problems just melted away, and I was completely relaxed.

Now, my life is vastly different! I am calm, I’m a new mommy, and I’m on a mission to help others empower themselves with the knowledge and resources I’ve gained to experience freedom too! 

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