#Not What I Had Planned For The New Year!

#Not What I Had Planned For The New Year!

Where has January gone and now February? 

Like many people, I take time at the beginning of each new year to do two things...

     First, to reflect on the past year, 
     Second, to take a moment to think about the year ahead. 

Gone are the days of making "resolutions"! Instead, after choosing my words carefully, I prefer to make "commitments" __to myself__ for myself! 

I think of it this way...

Life is like a book...each day a page, 
                                      ...each month a chapter 
and then at the end of the year, you either have an exciting best seller or a boring manuscript of empty pages! 

Well, this was supposed to be my "best seller" year! I made a commitment to myself to fill my book with purpose and a passion for healthy living. A life filled with adventures, missions accomplished and goals achieved! I had very specific ideas on how I was going to write my novel...so what happened? 

An injury...to my neck, left shoulder and across my back. The pain was excruciating! With limited mobility, I sought comfort in a blanket on the floor for the first week!  Ice, heat and my essential oils quickly became my best friends. 

Everything that I had planned came to an abrupt stop as this new development would require immediate attention and self nurturing. 

I have to admit, I'm not a very good patient, but then again, who is?  With Mother Nature as my teacher, I became the grateful student as I learned about the medicinal properties of various Young Living Essential Oils! 

I'm now well on the road to recovery, keeping my new best friends nearby. 

I found the single essential oils of Marjoram, Cypress and Peppermint very helpful for muscular, skeletal, circulatory and nervous systems support. 

As well, I relied on the essential oil blends of PanAway, Deep Relief and Valor for soothing compromised joints  and muscles. 

Young Living's Ortho Ease, a special formulated massage oil, has been very beneficial as well, easing muscle tension and spasms. 

I've learned a few things having gone through this experience! 
1. Young Living Essential Oils work! 
2. Essential oils must be applied and reapplied often. 
3. Young Living Essential Oils are very versatile in helping to provide our bodies with the support it needs. 
4. I will talk about and use essential oils in terms of maintaining wellness, not illness! 
5. I love my oily life! 

Last, but certainly not least, I've learned or should I say, I was reminded of how precious life is and how valuable our time! 

We never know what challenges we may face, health or otherwise, so it's important to not waste a moment of that time!

 Make every page and every chapter of your book count! So when the year is over, you come to realize that the novel you have written is actually one volume of a series, a series dedicated to living your best possible life...an abundant life! 

          "Do not be pushed by your problems. 
                     Be led by your dreams"
                                   ____Ralph Waldo Emerson___

Will you write a best seller? 
Fill your life with magical moments, no regrets! This life is not a dress rehearsal, make it count! 

                           Every moment matters 
                           Every day matters
                            I matter! 

 This Thing Called Retirement

This Thing Called Retirement

Life doesn't come with a "one-size fits all" operators handbook or manual. I didn't get one growing up or when I became a parent and certainly not when I entered retirement! 

I'm thinking that's probably a good thing though. I've never been one to just follow the crowd. I like to think for myself, do things my own way, often times going it alone. That's just who I am and how I'm wired! 

Robert Frost's poem, "The Road Not Taken" pretty much sums it up...

      "Two roads diverge in a wood, and I-
         I took the one less travelled by, 
         And that has made all the difference". 

So it's not a surprise I find myself navigating this new life's milestone...retirement...in a perhaps unconventional way. It didn't begin in the typical manner, but rather in a dark cloud of uncertainty! 

With only one month to go until it was official, I left my job on medical leave. Believe me, I never saw that coming. I was mentally and emotionally devastated and it has taken me a long time to come to terms with that. 

Physically, the signs were all there but I didn't stop to listen. I was not well, my body and my mind were thoroughly exhausted. 

I was done! My brain was fried! 

Can't say I like that word "fried", perhaps "burnt out" is a better choice but fried is how I felt. Like an egg in a frying pan, only with no sizzle left! 

So it's been about a year and I can honestly say...

Yes, there have been a few challenges like extreme fatigue and anxiety, but there have been many rewards....such as discovering personal interests and having the freedom to do what I choose. Can't beat that, right? 

I owe my on-going recovery to having a positive attitude and to Young Living! For the most part, I'm sleeping better, although I'd be the first to admit, when an idea hits me at 3 in the morning, I'm up like a bolt of lightening to jot it down. I'm taking care of myself...using Young Living essential oils, supplements and vitamins...becoming more active and eating healthier except for an occasional cheat! I just recently found a dairy free, gluten free, soy free New York Cheesecake that is so worth every calorie! 

I could literally talk about how Young Living is helping to restore my health all day until my throat hurts, hey, there's an oil for that plus I keep my Thieves spray handy! Hahaha! 

This thing called retirement is nothing to be scared of. It doesn't mean you stop living, in fact, it's quite the opposite. 

Retirement gives you opportunities...opportunities to do those things you enjoy. Opportunities for continued learning, trying new and exciting things, taking time to stop, listen and watch the birds, marvel at the beauty of the sky or go for long walks in the rain! 

Too many people get caught up in this "age" thing, but I intend to enjoy these retirement years. Age is just a number, it does not define you. 

Life begins now and now is whatever age you are!