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What's in your makeup?

Make a savvy choice to skip the makeup toxins for a healthier, more beautiful you.
What's in your makeup?
Make a savvy choice to skip the makeup toxins for a healthier, more beautiful you.
Healthy Makeup? Tell Me More!

Detox your look

... and experience a beauty routine for the better!

Life will never be the same without "Thieves"

Before Young Living, I only knew to seek a doctor’s intervention and expected them to fix me and my family’s  health issues.  I was aware that I should sleep well, eat well, exercise and take supplement to maintain good health, but I still got sick or someone in my family would get sick almost every other week and the germs would be passed around.  So, when I first was introduced to Young Living Thieves Blend five years ago by Luana – my upline (bless her heart!) Since then, I learned about the beauty of essential oils. I became curious, studied, used the oils and products and gradually I came to love these tiny little bottles and the whole concept of wellness and a healthy lifestyle.  

Month by month I replaced all products which I used to purchase from the Supermarket or other stores to the pure, high-quality Young Living products.  I came to understand that our bodies need a holistic approach in order to function the way God has intended. My kid, my husband and I needed more to be healthy than just eating well, sleeping well, and exercising.  If  I still load my body and my house with toxic products, I can’t be healthy. If my hormones are not balanced I don’t feel well.  By changing simple things at home, I have witnessed positive changes in my kid’s health especially, then mine and my husband’s.  

Young Living is a world-leader in Essential Oils and oil infused products which bring the life-changing benefits into every home, family, and lifestyle.  What Young Living offers can support my wellness, my purpose and my financial goal.  From using Young Living for almost 6 years, I discovered a new community, new friendships and new family in Singapore, Indonesia and other countries. I can share this God’s blessings to more families.  By sharing the essential oils, it also gives me greater freedom in my financial life which I didn’t dream would be possible since I quit my job to be a stay-home mom.

Young Living has paid my travel expenses to visit YL Farms and Co-farms in Australia, Utah and Idaho in the USA after I achieved certain volume in my organization.  I witnessed more families’ health and the financial situation improved.  It gives me great comfort that what I share with one person can lead to wonderful effects for hundreds of more families. And that’s HUGE for me as I know I have made a difference in other people's lives too.

If you are looking for something to improve your lifestyle, your health and financial status, I will be happy to introduce you to Young Living and together as a team we can achieve our dreams.

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