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I am on an ongoing health journey and want to help those that are like-minded and serious about keeping their health in check.  I retired as a Registered Nurse and grateful for the years in the profession which helped me grow both personally and professionally. In those last few years before retiring, I was becoming more discontent in the overall conventional medical practice with the lack of adequate education provided to patients. That presents a problem since if you don't know the why or how you got sick in the first place, you end up in a vicious cycle of chronic illnesses and medical conditions. Since I was introduced to Young Living products back in May 2016, I have been amazed and shocked to learn about all the toxic chemicals that are found in most of our everyday products. Stay with me as I share what I learned and how I have been able to improve my health and those around me. It is true, what we don't know, CAN hurt us. 

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