Yes, I was skeptical

When I was first "introduced" to oils in January of 2016, to say I was skeptical is putting it nicely. I had been sick & feeling crappy for so many years that it had become "normal" to me. Every day I popped 6 different prescription pills plus over the counter medications just to function.  I was taking almost 12 pills a day, when I was in my 40's! I had pills for headaches, migraines, body pain, anxiety, depression, bladder issues, was exhausting!

A friend asked me if I had ever heard of essential oils. I had no idea what they were other than sounding like some hippie-guru jargon. I thought oils were just another 'fad'. That it would be another failed attempt at feeling better. So, I let her do the research to find out what they were all about. She is an awesome googler!

She researched, she asked questions and she tried them. After all her research was done, she concluded that Young Living Essential Oils were the best.  They are toxin free and made from pure plants....period.  Since she is such a wise woman,  and the oils were working for her & her family, I relented, and tried them.

Guess what? They worked! I was amazed that after a few weeks of using oils I didn't need to take all those prescription medications and over-the-counter drugs. After 2 decades of feeling crappy, I was now feeling good, I had energy & I was sleeping too!

If it weren't for a friend who cared enough to help me, I would still be miserable & living in pain. These oils have been a Godsend for me! Let them be that for you too! Give them a try....I promise you will not be disappointed! Let me help you start on your wellness journey today!