January PROMO FREE Peace & Calming oil
ESSENTIAL OIL LOVERS: All NEW wholesale members who enroll with a Premium Starter Kit with the Dewdrop™ Diffuser* by the end of January will receive a bottle of Young Living's ultra-popular Peace & Calming® blend. It’s the perfect way for them to start off their Young Living lifestyle and the new year! Expires Jan. 31,2017

Click here to order yours!

The Premium starter kits are $160+ and include a diffuser (the dewdrop is great) and 11 bottles of oil including:
Thieves (immune booster and kills germs),
Lavender (calming and good for allergies),
Copaiba (great for inflammation and your knees),
Peppermint (fresh breath and tummy soother with just one drop in a glass of water),
Lemon (sinuses, immune booster, good in water),
Frankincense (calming and for wrinkles),
Purification (good for the immune system, cleansing the air, and keeping away mosquitos),
RC (respiratory support),
DiGize (stomach and PMS soother),
Panaway (pain relief), and
Stress Away (calming and for pain).
It also comes with alot of samples and educational info.


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