100 Years of Diffuser Blends

  • 100 years of diffuser blends: A blend for each decade

100 years of diffuser blends: A blend for each decade

From jazz-loving flappers to insta-sharing millennials, we’ve brought together the trends that define the last 10 decades and turned them into history book-worthy diffuser blends.

As we get ready to kick off another decade, join us as we take an aromatic trip down memory lane. Revel in the Roaring Twenties or reminisce about the totally radical 80s with our diffuser blends for every decade.

1920s diffuser blend 

The Roaring Twenties were all about having a good time—bobs, baseball, and brave nonstop flights across the Atlantic. Channel your inner flapper with a blend of Abundance™ to celebrate a booming economy, Peppermint for refreshing changes in fashion, and Geranium for the sweet sounds of jazz.

Flapper diffuser blend

1930s diffuser blend

The 1930s had more than its fair share of lows—the Dust Bowl, the Great Depression, the start of World War II. For many Americans, the silver lining was found on the silver screen. Hollywood celebrities provided a much-needed escape from reality. If legendary directors were still around, we think they’d like the LavenderRaven™, and Frankincense essential oils in this decade’s diffuser blend.

Film Icon diffuser blend

1940s diffuser blend

During World War II, women wove their way into the workplace, filling jobs left by men who joined the military. These women worked in every sector of the economy, from marketing to munitions, and often had to balance family life with factory work. With this diffuser blend—Valor® (obvs), BergamotCedarwood, and Ylang Ylang—we tip our bandana to their bravery.

Rosie the Riveter diffuser blend

1950s diffuser blend

The Cold War may have been in full swing, but so were the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s hips. Russia took a back seat to blue suede shoes, and more than one poodle skirt-wearing fan found herself all shook up whenever the King started crooning. When you’re ready to relive those rockabilly days, the scent of Clary SageJuniper, and Stress Away™ will do the trick!

Bossa Nova Baby diffuser blend

1960s diffuser blend

If you want to talk about a revolution, there’s no better time than the 60s. Fringe-wearing youth broke records at music festivals as they celebrated peace and love—ideals that defined the decade. Like the Fab Four, those youth believed all you need is love. Promote your own peace with the grounding, earthy scents of PatchouliRoyal Hawaiian Sandalwood™, and Black Pepper essential oils.

Flower child diffuser blend

1970s diffuser blend

If you had to describe the 70s in only one word, it would be disco. When you wanted to get down and boogie, there was nothing better than a light-up dance floor and a mirrored disco ball. Spice up your Saturday night movin’ and groovin’ with the bright, uplifting aromas of Harmony™Lemon, and Spearmint. A few drops of Northern Lights Black Spruce rounds it out with a bit of heady richness.

disco star diffuser blend

1980s diffuser blend

The 80s were, like, totally all about MTV, massive cell phones, and movies featuring the Brat Pack. It was a “don’t worry, be happy” decade where energy and spirits were high. If you were a shoulder pad-wearing worker by day and leotard-clad aerobics aficionado by night, you’ll love bright En-R-Gee™ mixed with sweet Tangerine. The energy-boosting scent will get you through any Bowie-designed labyrinth.

jazzercizer diffuser blend

1990s diffuser blend

Remember rockin’ out with your new portable CD player while wearing butterfly clips and stonewashed jeans? Or hopping on your chunky PC and using Netscape to navigate the World Wide Web? You have the 90s to thank for that! You can also thank the 90s for girl bands, grunge, and hip hop. Grab your flannel shirt, denim jacket, and platform sneakers as we give a girl-powered nod to the 90s with PineCopaiba, and Lemongrass oils.

GRL PWR diffuser blend

2000s diffuser blend

The first artificial heart, Facebook, and the final book in a popular series about a boy wizard and his unnamable nemesis—it’s difficult to decide which one was the biggest moment for the decade. Throw all things denim, hip hop, and reality TV into the mix and you have 10 years worthy of this fruit-infused flashback. Nothing says “that is so fetch” like the bright, sassy scents of GrapefruitLimeOrange, and Eucalyptus Blue essential oils.

Millennial diffuser blend

2010s diffuser blend

Memes, undercuts, and K-Pop, oh my! When it’s time to reminisce about the 2010s, what will we remember most? Will it be ballerina flats or binge-watching every season of your favorite series in 48 hours? 3D printing or the latest dating app? If we’re lucky, it will be a renewed effort to create change—social, cultural, environmental—to make the world a better place for future generations. The inspiring aromas of Present Time™ and Joy™ complement the robust scents of Rosemary and Lemon Myrtle for a hopeful, fresh, forward-looking diffuser blend.

Influencer diffuser blend

Is reminiscing about the good ol’ days—and those good ol’ first dates—giving you all the feels? Match your mood to one of these romantic essential oil blends. When you’re ready to wax nostalgic about your childhood, check out our 50 diffuser blends for 50 states. Warning: You might get a little homesick.

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GMO Friend or Foe

Several years ago, I was building a raised garden in my backyard and a close friend of mine told me “Make sure it is Organic and non-GMO”. I said OK.
But I had no clue what I was saying OK to, I should have questioned her as to what she meant. I had no clue what the difference between organic and non-organic was, let alone what a “GMO” was.
So, I went about my business and ordered some soil, bought the plants I was needing, got the fertilizer, the spray on type of course, and planted my garden.
Fast forward a few years and I started hearing more about these “GMO’s” and Organic eating. Now my curiosity is peaked. I had to know more.
So, I started searching and looking for the answers that had been eluding me all my life.
What does “GMO’ stand for? It stands for “Genetically Modified Organism”
What is the science behind it? Well scientists inject a chemical, called glyphosate into the seeds to prevent weeds. It’s a really cool science until you figure out that glyphosate is the main ingredient in Round Up® yes that Round Up®, the weed killer that kills all the grass and weeds.
Of course, you can look up and find studies that say its perfectly safe, but you can also look up studies that say that glyphosate causes a myriad of health concerns.
Years ago, I would hear “This has been proven to cause cancer in laboratory animals” and I was so cynical that I would say “Of course it does, when you give a mouse the dosages that they give them then it has to.” “the next thing you’ll be telling me is that Water causes cancer” (Hello Flint, Michigan).
I figured out last year that what I was saying was that I already understood the principal of “Bio-Accumulation”.
Websters defines bio-accumulation as the accumulation over time of a substance and especially a contaminant (such as a pesticide or heavy metal) in a living organism.
Now I know I wouldn’t go drinking Round-Up® intentionally, but I had been eating it for years. The first insecticide crop was introduced in 1995 and the first herbicide crop introduced was 1996. For about 25 years we have been eating foods with either insecticides or herbicides (weed killer) in them. I imagine over time that this would have some unintended consequences as the only way that a product can be tested for harm over time is well…over time.
When I was a kid I didn’t know anyone with autism or Celiac disease. Now both of those maladies are common enough that everyone knows at least a few people with 1 or both of those maladies.
As more GMO crops were introduced the instances of both of these maladies as well as many others started to climb.
Look at these charts that deal with Autism and Celiac disease.

Now I am not a doctor or a scientist, but there is no way that this is coincidence. And these are but 2 of the charts that you can find that show a very eerie similar pattern.
Photos and information about GMO foods was enough to enlighten me and help me choose organic and non-GMO when I can get it.
Do your own research and find the truth that has been hidden from you.
This is merely a snippet of the information out there.
For more information on removing toxins from your life click here

Are You REALLY Healthy

Are You REALLY Healthy?

What does it mean to be healthy?
Is it being at an ideal weight? Is it exercising? Is it avoiding certain foods? Is it popping a couple multi-vitamins and calling it good? Is it avoiding sugary drinks?
The answer is Yes…and No….
It is such a harder question to answer than that.
Lets talk weight for a minute. The BMI scale was first introduced in the 1830’s when people worked hard but didn’t work out. It doesn’t take into account overall fat or muscle mass.
For example, according to the BMI scale a 6-foot-tall man is considered overweight if he weighs more than 180 lbs. What that does not address is if that man works out, has a larger frame or a smaller frame etc. What if you have a 6-foot-tall man that weighs 250 pounds but is all muscle? According to the BMI chart he is overweight just life the potbellied 6-foot-tall man that weighs the same thing
I don’t know about you, but I know very few men that are 6-foot-tall that weigh less than 180 lbs.
When you look at exercise as being the definition of being healthy, there is a saying that says “You cannot out exercise a bad diet”
So obviously by that statement its not just exercise. Diet plays a big role in health. You can eat all the “Right foods” and still be unhealthy, more to come on that.
But I take a multivitamin daily. Truthfully, not all multi-vitamins or supplements are made the same. There are several good companies out there but there are many more that the supplements that you take aren’t worth your trip to the grocery store. Its been stated that if your fish oil supplement smells or tastes bad then its already bad, furthermore where are they getting the fish, is it a large fish that is full of mercury or is it a small deep-water fish that tends to be mercury free.
Some vitamins are held together with coal tar, is that good for you? So knowing your product, trusting a company and not going with the cheaper stuff is important.
Is it avoiding sugary drinks? Yes, that is a big PART of being healthy. One thing most people don’t know is that studies show that sugar lights up the same areas of the brain as cocaine and is just as addictive. So, sugar does far more bad to you than simply adding weight.
Now let’s get back to foods. So many people are fooling themselves thinking they are eating healthy because they eat a salad while at a fast food restaurant, while it is true some of the ingredients are better for you than others, what happens when you add the 2 packages of ranch dressing or all the croutons etc.
Several years ago, a friend of mind that is a dietitian found out I was planting a garden. She told me “Make sure its non-GMO and organic” because I had no clue as to the dangers of these things. I completely blew her off. I didn’t know what I didn’t know
What I didn’t know at the time was I was poisoning my body with pesticides by not properly washing fruit and vegetables and the dangers of GMO crops is a lot of info that we will cover next week.
So yes, it is these things individually, but you still have to be careful. You can think you are “Doing a body good” by eating healthy or taking supplements but if these things are not sourced properly then you can be doing more harm to your body than good.

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...And the EXTREMELY Ugly

Last week we covered the types of inflammation and a few causes of inflammation. This week were going to delve into the dangers of inflammation.
Yes, acute inflammation is good as it protects and heals but chronic inflammation is a whole different story. That’s because your body is in constant protection mode. The body does not get any rest from the inflammation. This can lead to some very serious health conditions. Inflammation can affect your brain, heart or any number of other organs, as well as cause joint pain and arthritis. One example is that inflammation can cause plaque build-up in the arteries which could lead to stroke or heart attack. Inflammation in the brain could potentially play a role in Alzheimer’s disease.
Is your gut larger than it should be? If so your body sees those fat cells as a danger and sends out white blood cells to fight the fat cells causing inflammation. So if you, like me, are overweight we are causing chronic inflammation to thrive in our bodies. Although, what we eat is not the only cause for obesity, it is the most common cause. Too many fried foods and processed foods definitely attribute to chronic inflammation, particularly in men.
Chronic inflammation can also impair your immune system, think about it like this, you only have so many troops to send into battle, once they are all deployed you have to wait for reinforcements to arrive. Your body is much like that. Our body sends out the white blood cells to fight off the bad stuff attacking us causing inflammation. If its doing that with your fat cells its constantly doing that and therefore doesn’t have the necessary resources to properly fight off an infection.
However, do not despair, there is help and hope. Since we control our diet we can have a major impact on the inflammation in our body.
As we discussed already fried foods and processed foods are major contributors to inflammation. But so is Sugar…. It straight feeds inflammation, this comes in many forms the most well-known are simple sugars, corn syrup and white sugar. Refined carbs like white bread and pasta are also major contributors.
What is sad is the products that cause us the most issues are what we typically consume the most of. So, in short cutting out simple sugars and refined carbs will not only help us reduce chronic inflammation, but it will also potentially help us reduce the girth around our gut. Which will make us all feel better anyway.
Another way to help get rid of Chronic inflammation is by adding sulfur to your diet. Don’t worry its not the same as “Sulfa Drugs” I’m highly allergic to Sulfa. And I take Sulfur supplements all the time.
Sulfur is one of the most abundant minerals in our body, unfortunately we do not get what we need from our diet anymore because we done eat enough cruciferous vegetables anymore, vegetables like broccoli and asparagus. Besides that, the soil is nearly depleted of sulfur because we don’t rotate crops or rest the land like we should. Why am I talking about sulfur? Because sulfur helps reduce inflammation naturally.
How can you get the needed sulfur? Methylsulfonylmethane, or MSM many companies out there have a MSM supplement and everyone, I mean EVERYONE should be taking MSM. Sourcing is very important and when it comes to any supplement so make sure you trust the company that you are purchasing any supplement from. I do have a company that I fully trust based on the sourcing practices being transparent.
Contact me if you need more information on MSM

Inflammation---The GOOD, The BAD and.....

Have you thought about inflammation, I mean REALLY thought about inflammation?

We all have inflammation at some time, It is the body’s first line of defense after all. When your cells are in distress, the immune system sends its first responders — inflammatory cells — to trap the offending substance or heal the tissue. As this chain of events unfolds, blood vessels leak fluid into the site of the injury, causing swelling, redness and pain.

These symptoms might be uncomfortable, but they are essential for the healing process.

Acute inflammation comes in two types. The one everyone is familiar with, from things like spraining your ankle, hitting your thumb with a hammer or a myriad of other injuries.

The second type of acute inflammation is when your body is fighting off an infection.

As you can see, these helping avoid infections and aid in healing, inflammation, in itself, is a good thing.
But over time you can have too much of a good thing and end up with CHRONIC inflammation. Look at chronic inflammation as “Friendly Fire” when your white blood cells attack an area that is not needing repaired like your liver, heart, or any other organ or joint.

Dictionary.com defines Chronic inflammation as “Inflammation that may have a rapid or slow onset but is characterized primarily by its persistence and lack of clear resolution; it occurs when the tissues are unable to overcome the effects of the injuring agent.”

There are several causes of chronic inflammation. Here are just a few:

•Untreated causes of acute inflammation such as an infection or an old back injury
•an autoimmune disorder
•long-term exposure to irritants, such as industrial chemicals or polluted air
•household cleaners and other household chemicals

Although these may not cause chronic inflammation in everyone, these things are enough of a concern to keep an eye on. Even at that some cases of chronic inflammation do not have a clear underlying cause.

Experts also believe that things like smoking. Obesity, alcohol and chronic stress may contribute to chronic inflammation.
When chronic inflammation runs high, you will start to see problems wherever you are genetically weakest, like your heart, brain and other organs. One of the most dangerous things about chronic inflammation is that you cannot feel it happening.
You can stop chronic inflammation, and when you do, you’ll have a better chance of avoiding the most common causes of early death.

Next week we will talk about the dangers of Chronic fatigue in more detail