Several years ago, I was building a raised garden in my backyard and a close friend of mine told me “Make sure it is Organic and non-GMO”. I said OK.
But I had no clue what I was saying OK to, I should have questioned her as to what she meant. I had no clue what the difference between organic and non-organic was, let alone what a “GMO” was.
So, I went about my business and ordered some soil, bought the plants I was needing, got the fertilizer, the spray on type of course, and planted my garden.
Fast forward a few years and I started hearing more about these “GMO’s” and Organic eating. Now my curiosity is peaked. I had to know more.
So, I started searching and looking for the answers that had been eluding me all my life.
What does “GMO’ stand for? It stands for “Genetically Modified Organism”
What is the science behind it? Well scientists inject a chemical, called glyphosate into the seeds to prevent weeds. It’s a really cool science until you figure out that glyphosate is the main ingredient in Round Up® yes that Round Up®, the weed killer that kills all the grass and weeds.
Of course, you can look up and find studies that say its perfectly safe, but you can also look up studies that say that glyphosate causes a myriad of health concerns.
Years ago, I would hear “This has been proven to cause cancer in laboratory animals” and I was so cynical that I would say “Of course it does, when you give a mouse the dosages that they give them then it has to.” “the next thing you’ll be telling me is that Water causes cancer” (Hello Flint, Michigan).
I figured out last year that what I was saying was that I already understood the principal of “Bio-Accumulation”.
Websters defines bio-accumulation as the accumulation over time of a substance and especially a contaminant (such as a pesticide or heavy metal) in a living organism.
Now I know I wouldn’t go drinking Round-Up® intentionally, but I had been eating it for years. The first insecticide crop was introduced in 1995 and the first herbicide crop introduced was 1996. For about 25 years we have been eating foods with either insecticides or herbicides (weed killer) in them. I imagine over time that this would have some unintended consequences as the only way that a product can be tested for harm over time is well…over time.
When I was a kid I didn’t know anyone with autism or Celiac disease. Now both of those maladies are common enough that everyone knows at least a few people with 1 or both of those maladies.
As more GMO crops were introduced the instances of both of these maladies as well as many others started to climb.
Look at these charts that deal with Autism and Celiac disease.

Now I am not a doctor or a scientist, but there is no way that this is coincidence. And these are but 2 of the charts that you can find that show a very eerie similar pattern.
Photos and information about GMO foods was enough to enlighten me and help me choose organic and non-GMO when I can get it.
Do your own research and find the truth that has been hidden from you.
This is merely a snippet of the information out there.
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