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I thought that I was in good health,

I had a physically demanding job, I was a very active person, I spent time outdoors as much as possible. I wasn’t the picture of “Fitness” but made sure that I ate ok.

Unfortunately, I sustained multiple back and neck injuries while in the military, those injuries coupled with physically demanding jobs took its toll on me. For many years I  woke up with back pain and came home from work in pain.

 I was not LIVING but rather EXISTING.

I didn’t know it at the time, but I was headed down a path of multiple back surgeries with complications.  I lost 50 pounds due to the infections. I was in a downward spiral health wise due to the various incredibly toxic medications, lifestyle and environmental toxins.

 I was far from what anyone would consider healthy. I no longer could do things I enjoyed.  I was using a cane at age 43. I found myself facing a 6th back surgery in less than 13 months thus effectively removing me from the type of work I loved.   

Now I found myself in unfamiliar territory.  All my life I had careers that employed both my mind and my back. I had lost my identity, I had to re-find myself.

Fortunately, I have a family member that knew she had found something that would help me. She gave me a simple invite to learn about how I could take my health back.

I was DESPERATE, I was TIRED of pain and I needed HELP.

It was then that I found out I was in much worse health than I at first thought. I was confusing being  FIT with being HEALTHY.

Not only were the specific meds I was using daily some of the worst possible that I could use, but the personal hygiene products I chose to use were killing me.  I with my doctor’s permission started weaning myself off the toxic meds that otherwise would have been a part of me for the REMAINDER of my life and replacing them with natural methods of supporting my various body systems.

My family started noticing a DIFFERENCE in me. I was beginning to be able to ENJOY my new life.

I was HOOKED. I HAD to find out what else was harming me. I HAD to find the truth.

I started doing my own research. I found that there is more doing HARM than doing GOOD to our bodies. And I was ALLOWING this to happen to not only me but my family as well.

Fortunately, I listened to someone that took the time to help educate me I started on a journey to find TRUE health, I found products that didn’t just say that they were “natural” (Arsenic is natural), but are  ACTUALLY SAFE   

I finally found a way to TRUE health. Health that YOU can have as well, but you must take responsibility for YOURSELF.

I have found FREEDOM.

I am armed with the KNOWLEDGE.


I, unfortunately, am unable to control what I come in contact with outside of my house, but I definitely can control what I bring into my home.

I have started a CHEMICAL FREE REVOLUTION. Will you START your journey? Will you JOIN me in this REVOLUTION?

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