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Meet Courtenay McIntyre


I strongly remember when I realized I needed to start making changes in the way my son was sleeping. 

I had two other children (girls) before my son who were much easier regarding sleep, so when I had my son I figured it would be the same with him. I figured I could just baby wear my son for naps, rock him to sleep, nurse him to sleep and eventually he would just grow out of that - like my girls did - and start falling asleep on his own. 

Boy, was I wrong.  

When I realized I needed to start working on improving the way my son was sleeping, it was after he woke for, what seemed like the umpteenth time, after only 30 mins of sleeping. He was now 5 months old and still required me to help him to fall asleep whether that be nursing to sleep (his favourite), rocking him to sleep or laying down next to him in my bed. He couldn't fall asleep without my assistance and it was getting to a point where it was unsustainable. I had two other children to care for and a house to clean and I couldn't put in hours of my day just to try to get him to sleep. I was beyond exhausted (his night sleep was just as bad as his naps), overwhelmed and starting to get very frustrated. 

Luckily, the seeds of change were taking root. 

finally decided enough was enough and found a sleep training program that I felt would work for us. With a lot of patience, consistency and work I got my son sleeping the way he should be. He wasn't depending on me to get him to sleep anymore and even though it took some work to get to that point, I was SO happy I stayed consistent with my sleep methods and stuck it out! It really paid off! My son went from being a horrible sleeper to an amazing one and I could tell how much of a difference it made for the both of us!

Then, I started to become the person that my friends would come to if they needed sleep advice and tips for their children. This was when I realized I wanted to start helping other parents who were desperate to get their child sleeping well, just like me. 

Now, my mission is to help other parents, who are where I once was, to have the support and education that took me a lot of time and energy to figure out, at their hands in an instant. 

I can now confidently say that helping others has become a huge part of my life. I feel like I can make a difference in other parents lives and that is what I have chosen to do. This makes me so excited for the future.  

I welcome you to join my group with other parents just like you, who are trying to improve their child's sleep and looking for support, tips and advice. You can gain access to all the knowledge and information you need to help you get back to sleep!

Curious to learn more? Want me to help you on this journey? Contact me now!  

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