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You know how caretaker moms in survival mode 

struggle with taking care of their own needs?  

What I do is provide validation & perspective; 

 encourage them to make a plan with action steps

that will make it impossible for my clients to

 remain exhausted, burnt out & worn down.

I’ve been there and know how it is to be caring for the needs of others so intensely that you miss out on taking care of your own needs. You might feel like you need someone to take care of you!  You're willing to sacrifice for the good of your loved ones.  You are a mama-bear!  You're a warrior woman!! Your family is important to you and you willingly put forth the effort for them. But the daily-ness is wearing you down and sometimes you feel like you're stuck in a deep pit with no apparent way out, and it becomes harder and harder to find your zest for getting up each day. You’d love a vacation but you’d probably just sleep through it anyway.

As the saying goes, be sure to put on your own oxygen mask first, before assisting others.  

That’s good advice for immediate needs.  But it’s realistic to pull out all the stops and to put many of your own needs on hold to an extent in an urgent or crisis situation. Sure you are surviving. And survival mode is do-able in the short run. 

It's when the crisis situation isn't quickly resolved and goes on and on . .  and the needs that you as the caretaker have have gone unmet and under-met for more than a short-term basis, that it’s time to change gears. But how?  It’s time to get a new perspective and make the changes necessary for the longer term that will benefit you and the one you’re caring for.  

I got you . . . 

Personal Plan with Action Steps:

As a trauma-informed, transformational life coach I offer individual coaching to help you formulate your own personal plan with actionable steps for taking you out of survival mode and into progress and sustainability for the long term with a realistic and practical approach suited to your unique situation. 

Just that first step of creating your initial plan can bring great relief.  I’m also available as you begin to put that plan in place and take those specific actions that will bring you more relief, get you out of survival mode and into feeling more like your best self again. 

Free Family Caregiver Stress Assessment  Click Here

Legacy Coaching Tracks

Oil and perfume make the heart glad, 

and the sweetness of a friend comes from his earnest counsel.   

Proverbs 27:9


Wellness Planning Track

Have you put yourself and your wellness last so often for so long that it's catching up with you? 

Whether just you personally or the whole household, you don't have to wait to set your wellness goals, create a do-able plan and take action!

Get started today with your free strategic planning session with Dawn.

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Legacy Building Track
Heading into a new season or situation in life? Or perhaps you're already there and want to make the most of it. Adding new children, new job, new home, or saying goodbye to someone close, previous roles or as children grow up and move away . . . these and others can all knock us off our footing. 

Pause, take a breath, then get bearings to move ahead with purpose with your free strategy session with Dawn.

Adoptive/Special Needs Parents

Planning Track for Adoptive/Special Needs

You can't afford to waste time, but there's no quick and easy fix either.  You need a real workable plan for the immediate future. 

Get started today with your free strategic planning session with Dawn.


Planning Track for Adoptive/Special Needs
Some children will need extra levels of care and support as they transition into adult-hood and perhaps beyond.  You can't necessarily predict what the future will hold but you can make a plan that can help you feel more confident about the steps you can take.. Start by scheduling a strategy session with Dawn.