Podcast Episode 5 | Where Your Legacy Begins

I didn't mention "mindset" in this podcast episode, but I think it ties in.  

Mindset, Belief and Legacy . . . they're all tied together.

As I've gotten into the entrepreneur and marketing space, I've noticed a lot of talk about mindset.  You know it would kinda frustrate me sometimes when I was looking for practical how-to information.  Another thing that's frustrating with the mindset mantras is that a lot of it sounded hollow, vague, and even shallow or flat-out wrong.

Podcast Episode 4 | Rejection’s Silver Lining

Getting rejected, whether it’s for a career position or in a relationship, can be one of the most challenging events you’ll ever experience. So it may be hard to believe that there is a silver lining when it comes to rejection, but it's true! 
There are some positives about being rejected.

Podcast Episode 3 | Emotional Self-Awareness Drives Empathy

Emotional self-awareness drives empathy for others.  Whether in parenting or getting along with co-workers & a multitude of other relationships. If you're getting or giving the empathy advice you're not alone. "Just have empathy" can seem like a pat answer or even a shameful put-down when you've got a difficult situation or relationship issue.
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