Question:  When Mom wants what’s best for her family and the family doesn’t get it, what’s a mom to do?  

You are ready to infuse your home and family with the goodness of pure essential oils and have got a vision for how much healthier you would all be if they would embrace your new passion with you.  

But they don’t.  At least not yet. 

Rather than going head to head with your family, what are some less combative ways to get them on the oily train with you?  

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Diffuse.  When you diffuse essential oils the whole household benefits.  I recommend using something uplifting and not too “strange”, like lemon or orange essential oil, and when they warm up to it a bit try getting their input to choose what they would like.  

  • Trade out soap and shampoo.  Using essential oils infused soaps and shampoos is an easy way to help your family derive the benefits of essential oils and to hook them on it.  Just give it a try.  Try our Valor bar soap for the bath and Thieves Foaming Hand Soap for the sink.  KidScents shampoo is great for the younger set (I use it, too!) Or choose a more adult one for you & Dad or the teens.

  • Vitality oils in your recipes here and there. Just add them last so they are not heated at high heat, and remember just a drop will do! (The essential oils with the white "Vitality" labels are approved for internal/dietary use!)

  • Trade out your vitamins.  Essential oil infused vitamins and supplements are absorbed better by the body!  Try chewable MightyVites for the kiddos.  

  • Have remedy’s ready for when someone has sore muscles or boo-boos - - a quick way to get them to become a believer is when they experience the relief for themselves!  

  • One more - - Thieves Household Cleaner - - make up spray bottles of this concentrate for whenever spills and splatters happen as well as for regular cleaning.  Not only will you be avoiding the toxic chemicals in other cleaning products but you and your family will benefit from the essential oils as well.  And they will be getting used to the natural plant scents rather than the synthetic fragrances of other products.

If these tips are helpful to you, ask me how to get more tips like these so you can infuse your home and family with the goodness of essential oils.  And feel free to browse the O. f. O. online store here.

Happy Oiling!

Disclaimer: Please remember that anything discussed herein does not constitute professional licensed legal or medical advice and is not a substitute for appropriate legal or medical advice suited to your individual situation or for your own due diligence.

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