No Baking & No Mess

No Baking & No Mess
Love the smell of Christmas cookies but not in the mood to bake (or for the added calories)?

This blend is sweet, spicy and citrusy like a batch of perfect Christmas cookies! Cinnamon and clove help boost the immune system, lemon and bergamot are happy and cleansing, making this the perfect blend for hope and healing this season!

Christmas Cookies
2 drops Lemon
2 drops Bergamot
2 drops Cinnamon Bark
2 drops Clove
1 drop Nutmeg

Added to the water in your cool mist room diffuser, once you start diffusing the whole room will have the comforting scent of Christmas cookies without even touching the oven.


Essential BRAIN!

Essential BRAIN!
I was chatting with a long-time friend whose adult son recently had a brain tumor removed, remarkably similar to our experience two years ago with my now 15-year-old son and comparing photos of our sons' brain tumor scans.  I was again thrilled and amazed at God's goodness in getting both our sons and families through such an experience.  And both emerged having amazing testimonies to share!   

As mamas, we are both concerned with ongoing brain health and healing of these guys.  I am grateful for the doctors, surgeons, and medications as needed to keep seizures away, and that gradual healing is occurring.  But what else can a mom do in our everyday life to support the brains of our families?

Enter essential oils.  (You knew it!)  Now I am still learning and researching and you can too!  However, I want to pique your interest a bit and share some things I have found out about how essential oils can benefit the brain.  (CAUTION:  I do not recommend using off brands, only the purest, highest quality essential oils around anyone with a brain injury due to their ability to cross the blood-brain barrier.)*

Because the molecules of essential oils are so very small, they are more easily absorbed through the skin and also are able to cross the blood-brain barrier.  Inhaled, they go rapidly to the brain through the olfactory system.  

The sesquiterpenes found in many essential oils are oxygen-carrying molecules which can be an important benefit for brain health.  
A few that are high in this constituent are:  
(Frankincense is one of the essential oils included with the Premium Starter Kit which also includes a diffuser and other goodies! This kit is such a great value and a popular first purchase when opening a wholesale account, a great way to save even more from the start!) 

Certain essential oils and particular blends are useful for supporting many brain functions such as focus, memory, and promoting a sense of calm.  I particularly like the blend, aptly named Brain Power™,  which is pre-blended and ready to use with kids or adults.  Diffusing or making up a personal inhaler are good ways to use.  Or you can just drop a couple of drops in your palms and then cup your hands to your mouth and nose then inhale deeply a few times.  That's it!  Easy Peasy.  

If you'd like to know more about how you can get started with any of these brain-boosting essential oils I'd be happy to tell you more.  Just hit the contact button and I'll get back to you asap!  You can also browse the O. f. O. online store here.

Happy Oiling!

*Disclaimer: Please remember that anything discussed herein does not constitute professional licensed legal or medical advice and is not a substitute for appropriate legal or medical advice suited to your individual situation or for your own due diligence.