Say Yes to SLEEPability!

Say Yes to SLEEPability!


Need sleep?

Who doesn’t?  But there are a variety of causes for lack of sleep and a host of “remedies” to choose from.  To know what is really going to help with your particular problem of sleeplessness, you might want to do a little self-exploration before reaching for the most convenient over-the-counter sleep aid or relying on the latest fad that seemed to work for your Facebook friend.  

Overtiredness can keep you up as well as being a late-night video watcher or gamer.  Unbalanced hormones as well as chronic pain.  Worry or stress as well as mood disorders such as depression and anxiety disorder. Short-term illness or jet-lag can cause sleep deprivation, too.  

As we can see there are numerous possible roots to your lack of sleep.  And further, lack of sleep can itself be a cause or contributing cause to further problems and contribute to a self-propelling cycle.  Breaking that cycle may be more difficult in some situations than in others.  It will likely require intentional action and a concerted effort on your part.   

If your sleep issues are to the degree of needing medical attention or stem from root causes that require medical attention, realize that this blog post is not intended to replace medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, but is for informational, educational purposes only.  

There are some simple, easy ways to boost sleep naturally.  Begin with a before-bed routine.  To implement a before-bed routine that is more conducive to sleep, start by protecting the hour before you desire to go to bed (Set your alarm) from stress, harsh lighting, video and TV, and strenuous exercise.  Aim instead to clear your thoughts of worry and stress by jotting down anything pressing that you want to be sure and attend to the next day. Prepare anything that would help you feel ready for the next day such as clothes or a head start on meals. Turn off your tech and opt for light reading or soft music and perhaps a soothing soak.  Table heavy discussions for an agreed-upon time rather than indefinitely.  

As you get in the groove of a new bedtime routine, dig into why you might be having sleep problems in the first place, and make a plan to tackle those issues one by one.   This may take some time, but just having a plan can alleviate much stress and worry.  Also, taking steps to reset your body can jump start your new restful sleep schedule.  Grounding (google it) during the daytime can help with your reset.  Get adequate nutrition plus adjusting the time of your meals/snacks for when they will not disturb your sleep.  Again, it may take some time, but probably not as long as you would think and the benefits can be HUGE!

Young Living has a range of items to choose from to assist in your sleep support.  From our children’s blend, SleepyIze I have used in my boy’s room in their Dino Land Diffuser that spouts mist from the top of the lighted “volcano” (also available from OfO) to the more potent valerian essential oil and others in between you are sure to find something to help you relax into dreamland.  Bath salts scented with lavender essential oil is great to add to your before-bed routine as well.  We also have premium quality supplements such as SleepEssence (which includes melatonin as well as other sleep-enhancing ingredients).    

Please let your health practitioner know if you are taking any supplements that might interact with medications.*

Happy Oiling!

Disclaimer: Please remember that anything discussed herein does not constitute professional licensed legal or medical advice and is not a substitute for appropriate legal or medical advice suited to your individual situation or for your own due diligence.