Royal Oil -- Biblical Oils Series

Royal Oil -- Biblical Oils Series

Do you remember the story of Queen Esther of the Bible?
The book of Esther specifically mentions Myrrh.  

Esther was naturally beautiful, but when she was chosen as the next queen of Persia, this orphan was in for an expensive weeks-long royal beauty ritual!  The Bible does not say specifically all that this ritual entailed, but we can assume the lotions and cosmetics were not of today's department store variety.  They would have likely been all-natural, and have included the best of the best natural substances known at the time for the highest level of results.  

Myrrh in particular is known for its skin benefits and purifying.  And in preparing this post I learned about a great tip for oral health care with myrrh essential oil from Dr. Eric at He also describes many of the tremendous benefits given to us with this amazing oil.  While some of the benefits have been understood for centuries, science has more recently discovered some terrific properties of myrrh essential oil

The easy tip that you can use, too is to drop a drop of myrrh essential oil on your toothbrush each morning for a better mouth environment! Yeah! 

Happy Oiling!

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