Cows & Vitamins

Cows & Vitamins


So what do cows and vitamins have in common? 

I remember my mom giving us “vitamins” - - more than likely “Flintstones vitamins” - -  as a kid.  The thing is, I grew up on a farm - -  We had garden fresh vegetables (even garden veggies from the freezer during the winter!) and grass-fed beef even before I knew it was an “anomaly” and thought it was just the way it was!  I was blessed and didn’t even comprehend it.  (Thanks Mom & Dad!)

But here’s the thing, my mom knew we still needed supplemental vitamins at certain times of the year.  Today’s Standard American Diet (SAD) is much, much worse - - and even when trying to do better it’s pretty well known that nutritional supplements are needed for most of us.  I am thankful for my mom’s wisdom and doing what she knew to do to help my brother and me to be healthy.  What my mom didn’t know back then - - but we know now - - is that much of the off the shelf “vitamins” are not absorbed very well by the body.

What if you could get more bang for your buck with your supplements, so they are better absorbed and more effective?  

There is a way to do just that!  

Comparison studies show that adding pure therapeutic grade essential oils to the identical supplement will increase absorption rates significantly!  Better absorption through the addition of carefully selected essential oils is one way our YL supplements can help you get more bang for your buck.  

A little effort to switch out your current bundle of supplements with better ones can actually be cost-effective as well as simplify your life.  For instance, my Super Cal-Plus is one (1) once-a-day supplement that takes the place of several others, including Vitamin D3, K2, Calcium, a range of amino acids plus carefully selected essential oils.  

Find other supplements infused with superior bioavailability of the best essential oils on the planet in the OFO webstore.

Happy Oiling!


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