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Free Caregiver Stress Assessment

Are you the primary caregiver for someone in your family?  

Then you know that additional stress can come along with the role of family caregiver. 

How are you?...really?

It's sometimes hard to see the forest for the trees, or tell how much the stress is affecting us while in the middle of it.  That's where the free Caregiver Stress Assessment comes in!  Answer a short list of questions and discover important clarity on how your current level of stress is impacting you.

BONUS: Caregiver Mom weekly email encouragement series!

Dawn Baggett & the Circle of Second Moms

Welcome to Legacy Life Coaching, where I am dedicated to serving Second Moms in complex families. As an adoptive and special needs mom  of seven myself, I know firsthand the challenges that arise when navigating the intricate world of parenting as an adoptive mom or step-mom. 
Along with my experiences as a mom, my legal education and experience and my life coach training has  given me a unique perspective on how to approach and overcome obstacles that are often a part of these complex families,  from trauma-based challenges, to attachment-related difficulties, to the lack of recognition and understanding of family, friends and even those in the current systems - medical, mental health, legal and educational - that are often ill-equipped for these types of challenges. 

Through my research and observations  of other moms in similar situations, I have gained invaluable insights that can be applied to even the most baffling of circumstances. My goal is to stand in the gap for Second Moms and provide the support and guidance they need to continue the legacy they’ve already begun. If that describes you, I'd be happy to have you in my circle of Second Moms. 


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