Legacy Living Consulting 

Helping you navigate today  -- for better tomorrows
 for you and for your special needs/adoptive family.

Consulting Services

Whether it's urgent, short-term or long-term planning and goals you want to tackle, an experienced adoptive, special needs and care-taking parent, Dawn can help you map out a plan with workable solutions to fit your needs now.

How is Consulting Different?

  • Please Note: 
Consulting services
do not create a legal, medical or 
financial fiduciary duty or 
representative relationship. 

Consultation is not considered 
clinical counseling and will not be 
billable through insurance providers, 
nor is it considered legal or medical advice.

It's all about supporting you in making informed, thoughtful decisions and connecting you to the information and resources that will help you and your family not only survive, but thrive!