What is the Low-Tox Living Corner?

As a member of the 
Low-Tox Living Corner 
you'll learn about ways to boost 
your healthy lifestyle 
the toxin free way. 

Includes (optional) Product Recommendations. 

I believe that food is often the best medicine, and that many of today's health issues are related to the modern lifestyle including the increased prevalence of toxins in our environments, our personal and household products, and yes, even in and on our food!

Learn how to make small changes in food choices and lifestyle that create a compounding positive effect on your well-being. 

I've learned that exposures to toxic substances are not only dangerous in larger individual incidents, but also in the compounding effect of toxic exposures over time - both types of exposures can have negative and even devastating effects. 
We CAN make a difference as we set the example in our own lives for our families and for others. 

"The more chemicals that are in our food,
the more we are messing with things that we probably don't know
the full effect of."

Author: Ziggy Marley

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