Me & Toxin-Free
Hey, I'm Dawn - you could call me a lay-researcher.  

My seven children (plus two in heaven) have been a driving force in my lengthy research & learning about damage to our health from toxin overload.  Even though ignorance is bliss as they say, my eyes were opened to how pervasive and damaging it is, especially to our children and those with compromised immune systems.  

When it comes to my children I am very solutions-oriented. Over the years our family has needed solutions for a variety of issues. The more I learn, the more burying my head in the sand isn't an option.  

Are you looking for solutions, too?

To help you cut through the "noise" and provide a jumping off point so you aren't stuck spinning your wheels, I'm here for you!

I've created the Low-Tox Living Corner where we can cut through the noise, get some clarity and practical solutions right away.  

Membership is by invitation only.  Contact Dawn if you're interested in learning more.

My mission is to help YOUR family ditch the toxin overload and live a legacy of self-stewardship when it comes to health and wellness.
Even the most well-intentioned households can have a hard time recognizing and breaking free from the overload of toxins that are so pervasive and common nowadays.

Where to Start?
One answer is to just do it! 
Just start . Take a step. 
Here's a great first step option: 
Get my free Body System Self-Assessment and support your body so it will support you in all the things you do as you
choose to live legacy every day, one day --- and one step -- at a time.

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