What is the 
Yesterday's Orphan 
Adoptive Parent Corner?

As a member of Yesterday's Orphan Adoptive Parent Corner you'll learn to identify patterns of behavior that frequently exist among adoptive families that may also exist in yours. 

The aha moments when you recognize that your situation is not "rare" are priceless.  Plus learn real life strategies to help you stay grounded when things are going crazy all around you.

My Background 

I learned a great deal from experiences with my own adoptive family plus what I've observed from others while seeking out solutions for us and to help others.  The list of various issues we've faced is long.  I've spent many, many hours in research and prayer.  It is part of who I am to seek out solutions. Especially on behalf of my children. Solutions don't always come easy and some haven't come yet.  

I believe that our pain is never wasted in God's economy and that it's important to allow him to turn my experiences, knowledge and skills into help for others who may be struggling, whether it's a little or a lot.  I also believe one of the best antidotes to the struggles we face in life is connection with others who are or have been going through similar struggles.  

Personally, I tend to withdraw which leads to isolation.  And I know that can make matters worse over the long haul.  I don't want that for myself or for you either.  
We can band together. 
We can support each other.  
We can find solutions. 
We can overcome. 

What to Expect
Members will be able to share and learn from each other as we  walk through a selection of problematic issues that frequently occur in adoptive families and look at practical strategies and resources that can be helpful.  I'll also share curated content on various topics.
Adoption is not a magic wand.  The effects of early childhood trauma can continue for years. Co-occuring conditions can compound and complicate things.  

Physical and emotional safety is critically important to have in place for every member of the household. Keep in mind that internal feelings of safety (or danger) may not match external reality, so while actual safety is paramount, felt safety is a separate issue of importance. 

The Yesterday's Orphan Adoptive Parent Corner is for adoptive parents only.  

Post-Adoption Consulting Services
The membership is nice but perhaps what you need is more urgent and specific?  
I invite you to schedule a free consultation to talk.