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Diane 'n Jeff London

Welcome to Diane 'n Jeff London's Oily Page          

To help answer questions you may have,  We need some basic information ...
Welcome to Diane 'n Jeff London's Oily Page          
To help answer questions you may have,  We need some basic information ...

We would LOVE to help you experience the world of Young Living Essential Oils

Click on link to take you to our website and there you will have full access to videos, oils, product guide, and information to help you on your oily will also have access to our information to contact us with any questions you may have whether it be for using oils for your family or starting your own Young Living Business from Home!  Check out our website...its FREE!

Meet Diane 'n Jeff London and their Family

Hi!  Thanks for visiting our oily website today!  To tell you a little bit about us, We have been married for 25 years and have  4 beautiful children and we live in DuBois, Pennsylvania, USA.  Jeff  was the one who caught the oily fever first!  One of my very close friends was introduced to Young Living Essential Oils and she had invited me to her 101 Beginner Class. I totally shot her down and didn't want anything to do with it,  Having  4 teenagers to juggle and a job plus taking care of our house took all my time!!  So a month later, she had another class, of course, and I was invited  AGAIN.  Sooooo, being that "friend" I decided to attend and within 20  minutes of the class, I  was calling Jeff  to bring the credit card so we could get this amazing starter kit in our house  to use on our family! We realized WE NEEDED IT NOW!!! After  arriving within 15  minutes and "willingly" handing  over the credit card, we were excited!  That was April 23, 2016 and we have continued to educate others on how to use oils and also how to make their homes toxic- free!  

A few years ago after being diagnosed with some issues, and A.S. (Ankylosing Spondylitis) which is when your spine starts fusing together from the base of your spine, the whole way up to your neck, including your ribs, I needed help!  Being on a ton of med's and then eventually got off ALL of them except the Humira  Shot, which I had to have once a week. Eventually that was  non-existent also :)  Now,  free of toxins and NO DISCOMFORT!!!!  Let us help you become chemical and's a new, wonderful way to's a CHOICE! Both of our girls bought a Starter Kit also (to take to college) and they are both business builders now too!!! <3 (Ask us how to get  your Starter Kit for FREE!) The Young Living Product Guide that shows all of our farms and how to use oils and all 600+ products that are ALL Toxin-FREE, is within my website!  The Premium Starter Kit is where I began this journey with my family...getting the oils in my home and using them!  This PSK is found at the end of the Product Catalog.

Are you ready for a change?  Are you looking for a way to support your family?  The above PSK is all you need for that too!!! Here is a quick video from my upline "Diamond" who makes over $27,000/MONTH after changing lives by sharing this kit!

If you have ANY QUESTIONS, just Contact Me!  I am here to help you whether its for just you and your family or if you want to eventually be your own boss!

Need help with Enrollment Process?  Here is a quick 2 minute video to show you how! 

CONTACT ME with any question you may have!  Or just browse the catalog and check out these AMAZING oils yourself! You are the gatekeeper to your home and you have say what crosses over that threshold! Let us help you...

~Diane and Jeff London
Executives of Young Living Essential Oils

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