J.O.Y. Lettering
Experience healing, relaxation, and resilience through art.

What started as a method for self-care during an eventful season of my life has turned into an inspirational form of healing that has helped me and many clients feel a sense of purpose, JOY, resilience, and wellness. There is scientific research indicating the benefits of journaling for healing and relaxation. J.O.Y. Lettering brings it to a whole different level. I integrate JOY lettering into my group sessions as an avenue to deepen your relationship with Jesus, to bless others, and for self-care. If you are looking for something fresh, inspiring, and therapeutic, inquire about my next JOY Lettering Bible Study session or J.O.Y. Lettering for Wellness and Resilience. Both sessions include Young Living essential oils for relaxation and creativity. I use Amy Latta's book Handlettering for Relaxation if you want to grab a copy and started on your JOYful Healing! 

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Healing in a Time of Trauma
JOY Lettering was my place of peace when I went through a traumatic time. On our vacation, my husband was airlifted back home and I had no idea what would happen. When I finally reunited with him, I sat in his hospital room, diffused Young Living Orange Essential Oil, and sat down and started drawing. This was my place of peace, my time with Jesus, my JOY. Are you ready to build resilience and deepen your faith? Let me walk with you and show you how you can integrate Young Living essential oils and JOY Lettering to deepen your faith and build resilience.

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You Have a Purpose

We are our worst critic. When we compare ourselves to others, we feel like we can never measure up to the supermom next door or the woman who has it all together. The truth is, God has a purpose for you. I developed a simple formula that I use to help people live out their joyful purpose. Yes, JOY Lettering is part of the equation! And, when you integrate Young Living essential oils with natural medicinal benefits to support your wellness, you are setting up yourself for success! Do you want to feel good? Feel confident? Wake up with a sense of purpose? Let's get you started! 

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