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Unlock This Secret To Better Health & Wellness

These gifts from nature are powerful and pure, and used by millions of people every day.

Find out the treasure that is helping people live a healthier lifestyle, and bringing passion, purpose, and abundance to millions daily!
Unlock This Secret To Better Health & Wellness

These gifts from nature are powerful and pure, and used by millions of people every day.

Find out the treasure that is helping people live a healthier lifestyle, and bringing passion, purpose, and abundance to millions daily!
Unlock This Secret Now

Unlock This Secret Now

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Meet Julie Sheil


Hello and welcome!  If you're here, I assume you want to improve your health.  But how?

Do you want to feel better?  Have more energy?  Reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals in cleaning products, makeup and even supplements?  

Are you looking for ways to support the health of your kids, your pets, and yourself using the power of plants and natural ingredients?  

And finally, do you want to be able to accomplish all of the above and more with the help of an internationally recognized,  environmentally conscious, wellness-centered company with over 25 years of success behind them?

I am here to help you reach your goals, whatever they may be and I am excited to be your personal Young Living consultant.  Well, I'm more than just a consultant.  Actually, I see myself more as your partner and guide to better health. 

Why should you listen to me?  Because I am living proof of the power of Young Living.

For about 10 years I struggled with pain, fatigue, memory loss and a multitude of other symptoms.  Year after year my symptoms worsened and became more challenging to cope with.  In the process of trying to get answers,  I saw over 30 health care professionals, many of whom worked at one of the most famous healthcare facilities in the world, and none of them knew what was going on.  

I literally saw my life slipping away.  I got so sick that eventually I would be forced to close my veterinary practice.  And even though my doctors seemed to have given up on me, I refused to give up on myself.

I turned toward integrative medicine.  I sought treatment from acupuncturists and other holistic practitioners.  My health would improve for a while then I would get worse again, each time a little worse than the time before.

It took a long time before I realized that I was in fact suffering from an unexplained chronic illness. Every day became a literal struggle.  I went back and forth from doctor to doctor, but nobody offered an explanation, let alone a solution.

One of my most challenging symptoms was insomnia.  That, too, got worse and worse as the years went by.  It was crippling and at its worst I was sleeping only 2 hours a night for months on end.  

In 2016, I found Young Living.  I remember the first night I slept with my diffuser filling the air with sleep-supporting essential oils...I slept longer than I had in months!  I was amazed.  I had used other brands of essential oils before but I had NEVER experienced actual benefits.  They smelled good, but that was it.

This was different.  I had actually experienced a health benefit from essential oils!  From that moment on, I was hooked on YL oils.  I threw away all the other oils and began exploring other ways to support my health with these little bottles of plant goodness.  I found out that I could support my body and find relief from all sorts of annoyances - sore muscles, stiff neck, stuffy nose, aching head.  The possibilities were endless. My medicine cabinet began to shrink and my essential oil "farmacy" began to grow. 

But Young Living is not just another essential oil company.  I would come to learn that they are truly committed to natural solutions and healthy living.

When I purchased my Starter Kit, I also signed up for the Essential Rewards program and ordered a Thieves Kit so that I could start reducing my exposure to all the bad stuff that can contribute to chronic illness.  I was excited to switch to all natural cleaners, toothpaste, mouthwash and more.  It turns out, this was one of the best decisions I could have made.  I will tell you more about that later.

About a year after I got my Membership, I decided to see what else Young Living had to offer.  I had been so impressed by their oils and household products, why not try some supplements?  At this point, my health had continued to decline, despite my best efforts.  I was finding some symptom relief, but I had not yet gotten an accurate and meaningful diagnosis.

The first supplement I tried was NingXia Red.  Why did I choose this one?  There are a couple of reasons.  First, it offers whole-body support, something I definitely needed.  Second, it is jam packed with anti-oxidants and I needed to maximize my intake because I had just been diagnosed with post concussion syndrome.  Some of my symptoms, it would turn out, were to do a previously undiagnosed head injury.  I finally had a diagnosis and I was going to do everything in my power to manage it properly and support my health so that I could finally start feeling better.

After about a month or so of drinking NingXia every day, I began to notice some changes.  I had more energy and more stamina and I just felt better.  My skin, hair and nails seemed healthier.  My brain wasn't as foggy and my memory wasn't as bad.  I was hooked.  I have since added a few other supplements like MindWise, to support my brain health, and Essentialzymes4 and Life9, to support my digestion.  I was finding symptom relief simply by supporting my body and providing the nutrients it needed.  I felt empowered.

The missing piece of my chronic illness journey came in May of 2018.  I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and two other co-infections, Bartonella and Babesia.  At that point, I was barely able to work one day a week and was spending most of my days either in bed or on the couch.  It was the scariest and most difficult time of my life.  I literally felt like I was slowly dying.

Looking back now, I realize that I had been infected about 10 years earlier and that the symptoms I had been battling over the longest decade of my life were because of Lyme Disease.  The concussion didn't help either.  My brain was sick.  My body was being taken over.  I was scared.  But I was also relieved that I finally got a proper diagnosis.  I finally had some answers and could work on finding proper treatment and regaining my health. 

I am convinced that I would have declined much more quickly without the support of my essential oils and natural supplements.  Why?  Because one of the many issues facing Lyme patients is one of toxicity.  The chronic  infections over-burden the body's ability to detoxify and weaken the immune system.  Lyme Disease also damages the intestines, making it difficult to properly digest food and absorb nutrients. 

Because of this, some of the most important things a Lyme patient can do are:

* reduce exposure to chemicals, including those in cleaning products, perfumes, makeup and other personal care products
* support optimal digestion of food by providing digestive enzymes and probiotics
* optimize nutrient intake with high quality supplements

My Young Living products are doing all of that and more.

All products, including our essential oils,  are made without pesticides and are free of artificial fragrances, preservatives, or colors.  There are no toxic compounds including phthalates, heavy metals, sodium lauryl sulfate or formaldehyde.

Young Living employs scientists, pharmacists and other researchers to help ensure the highest quality, potency and efficacy of our products.  We also have a Veterinary Advisory Board that helps ensure your pet can enjoy the benefits of essential oils and other products.  We have several FDA approved products and our Seedlings line is Dermatologist tested and approved for use in infants and toddlers.

Scroll down and take the time to watch the videos below that explain why Young Living is in a league of their own and why we are considered the World Leader in essential oils and natural supplements.

Continue scrolling and explore our Premium Starter Kits (PSK), the best and most economical way to get started with Young Living.  Your PSK purchase automatically enrolls you in our Wholesale Membership program and earns you the title of Young Living Member.  

Members receive  wholesale pricing for life  (24% off of Retail) and Members only special offers and bonuses.  In addition, you are eligible to enroll in our Essential Rewards Subscription (ER) program to maximize your Member benefits.  As an ER Member, you will earn up to 25% back on each order in Rewards Points that can be redeemed for free product.  You will also enjoy either free or reduced shipping rates (depending on your subscription) and will be rewarded with special products and free promotional items each month.  The longer you are enrolled in ER, the greater your rewards.

Our company is unique in its ability to improve the lives of all of your family members including your children and your pets.

My goal is to empower you and help you get the most out of your Young Living membership.  Even if you are new to essential oils there is no need to feel overwhelmed or anxious about joining our community. You will have the support of me and thousands of other Young Living members.

I'm so excited to have you as a fellow Member.  Welcome to Young Living!

 Julie Sheil


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