Modern Companion content is now available on the GetOiling platform!

Modern Companion is loved for its for warm, relationship-focused leadership through strategic email & text content.

Modern Companion Members Receive:

💧exclusive online Facebook community with support
💧monthly text & email classes
💧YL promo announcements & sale announcements
💧Follow Up funnels: Weekly text tips & Fast Start Guide
💧monthly strategic seasonal content, only available to subscribers that given month
💧an annual strategy for OGV growth & relationship building through text/email
💧a Library of Classic Content with 5+ bundles to get you up & going quickly
💧all content formatted for both text & email in Get Oiling- so you get flexibility!

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Helping you build relationships

Learn more from Modern Companion founder Jennifer Blumberg:
  • how to invite (and keep!) joy in your business
  • how to easily & authentically gain influence 
  • secrets to getting people to reach out to you
  • Modern Companion membership Q & A 

What Modern Companion Members are Saying...

“Seriously loving the DIY bundle. I’ve gotten more responses than ever. Not just opting in, but throughout the campaign, people are sending questions and just random engagement. It’s really helped me connect with my people. I honestly don’t understand why it’s working so well. Lol. But I love it! I need more like this!”
“After the first weekly txt tip this month a girl sent me a msg back saying she just doesn’t know how to use her oils and wants to learn...MC is prompting these chats and I’m digging deep with members i don’t even know! Now that I’m engaged in conversation with them, I’m going to invite to gathering, tag them in things to educate them”

Use code GETOILING for $5 OFF your first month
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