Why Young Living instead of Meyers, Method, Bronners or 7th Generation?

Why Young Living instead of Meyers, Method, Bronners or 7th Generation?

The trend among most people today is to read labels and to buy the least toxic cleaning and personal care products available. Unfortunately, those labels often hide the toxic ingredients within by using names that sound appealing or don't list them at all. 

Some people know the danger of using personal care and cleaning products such as J&J baby products,  Lysol, Tide and Dawn to name a few and have turned to Young Living products for transparency and safety.

While products from Method, Meyers, 7th Generation and Bronners may be less toxic than Lysol etc,  only Young Living delivers products that go beyond being safe to apply and breathe.  Young Living products enhance our health.

Young Living is the only company that adds THERAPEUTIC GRADE essential oils to all of their products.   Other products list essential oils as an ingredient, but these oils are perfume grade for scent only.  They do not improve health.  In fact perfume grade essential oils  may compromise health.  

(Do you ever sneeze when being around some perfumes or scented products?  Even so called "unscented" products use toxic chemicals to create an "unscented" effect.)

Young Living grows all the plants that go into their essential oils on their 7 farms around the world.  They also have partner farms and insure all the plant material is free from pesticides and other environmental hazards.  

Young Living grows, distills, harvests and bottles all of their own essential oils with a proprietary Seed To Seal process (http://seedtoseal.com/),  insuring each oil is THERAPEUTIC GRADE, meaning the oil's purpose is to enhance our health, not scent a product. 

Every Young Living essential oil is tested and batch recorded by Young Living and a 3rd party.   This insures each essential oil produced by Young Living contains the necessary components to be THERAPEUTIC GRADE  in quality and safety.  Oils that don't measure up are discarded. 

What affects an oil's quality? 

Just like with wine, each growing season is affected by weather, which affects the quality of the plant.  If plants and the resulting essential oil do not contain the important constituents needed to label it a Young Living Essental Oil, then there may be a shortage of that oil for a while.  Young Living will not distribute substandard products.  To this end, Young Living is expanding it's number of farms around the world to meet demand and keep quality where a Young Living label guarantees it is.

Because Young Living essential oils are Therapeutic grade, many of Young Living essential oils are labeled as supplements, which means they can be ingested and used in food.    All Young Living essential oils are safe to use around food, on your skin,  and  inhale.  None of them are marked or labled with phrases like "external use only", or "do not ingest" because each Young Living essential oil is pure plant material with no additives, enhancers or stretchers.

Fact:      Products from Young Living  surpass all other brands in their ability to deliver the desired results.  

Fact:      Young Living essential oils do not have an expiration date.

Fact:      Breathing Young Living's Thieves Household Cleaner enhances your health, unlike store bought cleaners which are dangerous and need to be used in a well ventilated room.

Personally, I have found that by using Thieves bar soap and Thieves household cleaner, my bathroom shower, tile and glass doors stay free of soap build up and the tile grout stays white.

A great resource book is the *Vibrational Cleaning Guidebook by Dr Sabina DeVita*.  http://www.vibrationalcleaning.com/

Another great resource for travelers   is the book, Travel Balance by John Ayo.  http://krepublishing.com/travel-balance-a-young-living-essential-oils-guide-for-travelers.html  (Don't start your vacation feeling ill from a bug you picked up on a plane!)

I welcome you to the wonderful world of toxic free living.  Because there is only so much toxicity we can control in the world, it is nice to know Young Living impowers us to control what we can.  

Start using Young Livng products today and experience the enormous benefits to your family and the environment you live in.

To order, go to the top of this page and click on PLACE AN ORDER  or scroll down and explore.

Have fun!



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Many people want to freshen the air in their home or work place.  Usually we see the choice being an air freshener (really, should that term be used?) like Glade.  Looking into the toxins those grocery store air pollutors contain, maybe that's why when I review the medical history on my 8 patients per day, many of them say, "I have such and such a problem and my Dr does not know why."

Could it be the air they are breathing?

For truely healthy air that has a fragrance you enjoy and can trust to be non-toxic, purchase a diffuser and use Young Living essential oils.

In fact, if you order a Premium Starter Kit from Young Living, you get 11 oils and a diffuser included.  A great deal for $160.

Go back to the main page and click on Place an Order, or go to https://www.youngliving.org/kristenlarsen and that premium Starter Kit is featured.

Then just sit back and breathe!

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