In pursuit of...

Why don't we pursue our dreams ? What stands in the way of us accomplishing our goals ?
I love this article that outlines 8 major reasons why we hold ourselves back from all of the goodness that lies ahead;
Feeling stuck
Lack of planning
Information bias
Seeking validation

Sounds like a job for AFT ! Aroma Freedom Technique is a step by step tool used to identify and release negative thoughts, feelings and memories so that we can move forward in the direction of our heart's desire. It sets our energy flowing in a positive direction amd opens us up to new ways of viewing the world. With the Aroma Freedom Technique you can clear out emotional blocks allowing yourself to move forward towards your goals and dreams. When we have stressful or distressing experiences in life we form all kinds of thoughts, beliefs and attitudes around that experience and behave in accordance. It's basically protective....survival ! This stays with us through our life and governs how we live it. When we unlock the memories, allow them and the associated feelings and thoughts to shift and change we can open ourselves up to new ways of thinking and new experiences.
Super excited that Kurt and I will be certified AFT practitioners in a few short weeks ! 

Get in touch with your Inner Child

Did you know that your subconscious mind is just like a computer loaded with programmed behaviors ? It automatically reacts to situations with its previously stored behavior responses. It works without the knowledge or control of the conscious mind.Most of the time we are generally unaware of our behavior. Even when we think we are conscious, it is our unconscious mind which is actually making our decisions for us and it is the unconscious mind which shapes how we live our life.

You have negative programming in your unconscious and the majority of the time you will recreate those negative experiences in your life. That is just how it works. about if you could get in touch with those past experiences and change how you feel about them. After all, the thoughts, beliefs and attitudes you have formed based on your past experiences are protective really. But when they do not serve us anymore, they need to go. They need to shift.

What you think, the attitudes you have formed and how you view and interact with the world based on those experiences CAN change.

AFT is a gentle yet powerful step by step process incorporating Young Living essential oils to clear out emotional blocks and set your energy flowing positively so that you can reach your true potential. People are experiencing increased confidence, increased self esteem and motivation, feelings of wellness, kicking bad habits, overcoming fears. The possibilities are really endless.

Really think about this; Ever feel something was missing in your life, or that what was occurring wasn't just what you wanted it to be? Maybe you have a wellness or health goal, a financial or career  goal or relationship goal but just didn't feel it was possible. Those negative voices, which we all have, which were established when we were young as a protective measure for good reason, and the associated feelings and memories are holding you back from what you really want.

Getting to the core...the amygdala where feelings and memories are stored, through the use of YL essential oils and a guided process can shift and transform so you are open to possibilities. Consider the impact !

Inner child is just one of the oils used in AFT 's transformative process. This essential oil blend may stimulate your memory response and help reconnect with your authentic self. ❤
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