Evolve in 2018 !

I just read that four out of five people break their New Year's resolutions, and a third don’t make it until the end of January !!!
This is the time of year most people start reflecting about the year that has passed, look towards the new year and make resolutions. I dislike New Years resolutions.

I much prefer to look at things as a work in progress with daily opportunities to grow, learn, flourish and meet my goals. I started using this AFT (Aroma Freedom Technique) journal recently to keep track of my sessions and my progress and am committed to doing so along my journey into and beyond 2018. It's so cool because it has room for 52 sessions. One a week for a year. It doesn't have to be used that way and sometimes I do more or less than one session a week, depending on what has come up and what I am working on.

Clearing out those negative thoughts, feelings and memories and making way for the new !

The impact of negative experiences on all of us should not be taken lightly. I am talking about full on trauma to every day minor stressors and everything in between.

The effect on the mind, body and spirit can be profound. These experiences shape our world view, view of self and view of others. Some bad memories do serve a purpose. They can prevent people from making the same mistakes again, or guide their actions on similar occasions in the future. They can dictate the way we move through our day to day, how we travel along the road of life. Most of the time we operate from our unconscious mind and we aren't even aware of it. These experiences have a heavy pull on our present and where we are going and the majority of the time we don't know what is standing in our way of forward motion !

Check this out !!!

It had been thought that the older a memory is, the more fixed it is, but this is not necessarily true. Even for long term memories. This information is crucial, exciting, empowering !

Each time we revisit a memory, it becomes flexible again. The connections become malleable, and then they reset. A memory can change a little each time we recall it, and it resets stronger and more vividly with every recall.

This process of strengthening is called reconsolidation. Google this. Read about it. Digest it. Know it. Really think about how useful this information can be to you !

Reconsolidation can change our memories slightly for better or for worse. Manipulating this process can do the same.

A memory's context, including information about the location where the event took place, is stored in cells of the hippocampus, while emotions linked to that memory are found in the amygdala.

Which of your senses has DIRECT access to this part of the brain? Your sense of smell !

Let's take a look at an example for clarity. Let's say we have an experience of something frightening us when we were young children. The memory of that event can become a little more frightening each time we recall it. What may happen through this process is the formation of a fear that may be out of proportion with the actual event. A great example is a fear of bugs. A small spider that frightened us once may get bigger in our minds over time.

This process is also true when we are able to insert humor on an embarrassing memory. When we have a positive association with the experience. If we weave humor or positivity, make a funny story out ad an embarrassing experience it can mean that in time it loses its power to embarrass.

When we break free from negative emotions and negative thinking that real change can occur. Think about it. When you set a goal , (I will xyz), but that inner critic, that negative voice is giving you reason upon reason why that won't happen, it stifles you, gets in the way of moving forward. When you can identify that voice, those thoughts, the emotions and memories from which they stem from, you can release and be free to experience different emotions, different thoughts, different beliefs which then you can use as motivation towards taking action towards your goals. A goal is only a wish if there is no action behind it !

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Rewrite your script !

Do you pay attention to your own thoughts ? 

DO.IT.NOW.  Really, take a moment and turn inward.
Are you mindful of that inner voice, that inner critic speaking to you in a negative way, telling you all of the reasons that you can't get what you want out of life ?

Know where that comes from ? More times than not from negative, stressful, difficult, or painful experiences we have had in our lives. When we go through those times we create scripts about ourselves, about the world, and we weave this chatter through the fabric of our lives. It's protective really...to keep us away from experiencing the painful emotions that come with those experiences and the possibility of re- experiencing them. But it is oh, so limiting. It blocks us from really reaching our true potential.

Check out this information about life scripts http://changingminds.org/explanations/models/life_scripts.htm

There it is. ALL.RIGHT.THERE. Once you understand that this is how it works and you understand that it does not have to be that way you can free yourself from years of being stifled, stuck, immobile, held back.

AFT, the AROMA FREEDOM TECHNIQUE is a powerful, yet gentle tool which allows one to identify and RELEASE negative thoughts, feelings and memories so that we can set our energy flowing in a positive direction to ultimately lead the lives we were meant to live !
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