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YLEOs with Jamie

Support Your Healthy Family

Looking to support the healthy bodies in your family? Support overall wellness and a healthy immune system with this powerful tool used for thousands of years.
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Support Your Healthy Family
Looking to support the healthy bodies in your family? Support overall wellness and a healthy immune system with this powerful tool used for thousands of years.

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Jamie Talerico

Young Living Essential Oils
Independent Distributor
# 2953744

Merrill, WI 54452
Phone: 7153510391

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I'm just a mom looking for a better way to take care of my family...

Hi.  My name is Jamie Talerico.  I live in central Wisconsin with my Yooper husband, 2 kids and a dog that's basically another child.   I also run a home daycare.   My family and daycare families are the reasons I began my journey with essential oils.  I have always been fascinated with natural cures and remedies and I wanted a better way to take care of my family.  My daughter has had allergies and eczema pretty much since she was born.   I had found a recipe on Pinterest a couple years ago and read that Lavender oil would be good for her skin.  Well, I bought just a generic brand from the local health store.   At that point, I thought all essential oils were created equally.  How wrong I was!  Instead of helping my daughter's skin, it seemed to make it more irritated.  I learned the hard way that brand DOES matter. 

I was introduced to Young Living by my husband's cousin, Kristie.  We went up to the U.P. to visit with family and on the way up, my daughter started sneezing and her nose started running.  It seemed that she would get sick anytime we went anywhere!  Anyway, when we finally arrived, Kristie offered some of her oils to see if they would give my daughter relief.  We tried a drop of RC (diluted) on the back of her neck, and to my surprise her nose stopped running within a minute!  Now it started again after a few hours, but after reapplying, it stopped right away.  It just seemed to work like "magic" and I was happy with the results.  Kristie sent a couple drops mixed  with some coconut oil along with us so we could try it out for a few days.  The next time we visited, Kristie showed me her Premium Starter Kit that she had purchased.  She had a diffuser and 11 oils.  Knowing that Frankincense is a very precious and expensive oil, I was afraid to ask how much she paid for the whole kit.  At that time (May 2015) the PSK sold for $150.  When you added up everything that was in the kit, it was a steal!  The retail value of everything included was well over $350.  I knew at that point that I just HAD to get the whole kit.  Little did I know that it would be the BEST. DECISION. EVER.

I purchased my kit in the beginning of June 2015.  I had no intent of doing the business at that point.  I just wanted to use the oils for myself and my family.  But I quickly fell in LOVE with the oils and my diffuser.  I was finally sleeping better than I have in over a decade thanks to Lavender and Stress Away!  My daughter was having less allergy symptoms and her skin was getting better.  I also noticed that the moods in the household were improving.   After one month, I ran out of Lemon, Peppermint, Lavender and Stress Away.  I quickly re-ordered those four oils in the bigger size the following month and signed up right away for the Essential Rewards program so I could earn points for FREE oils! 

Now that I was ordering oils on a regular basis, I needed to get creative in finding the money to pay for them!  Sure, there were plenty of things that we replaced with the oils: household cleaners, my daughter's allergy meds, personal care items, air fresheners, etc., but I still needed to come up with the money to pay for these amazing oils without going over budget (and without freaking my husband out over how much I was spending).  As I became more and more comfortable about my oil usage, I began to share about it with everyone.   Soon, people were asking me where to get it.  I had no interest in "selling" but people were asking ME.  And that's when I decided to give the business opportunity a shot.  While I don't actually sell anything for retail to make a profit, I do have a referral link for people that want a kit and want to become a member to get the 24% discount for life!  As long as you place one 50pv order during a year, your membership stays active.  How easy is that?  No pressure.  No selling.  No bugging your friends and family and everyone else.  This has been the greatest gift to my family.  Not only have the oils helped  us, but I get to help other people AND earn some extra income as I go.  I must say, helping others has been the most rewarding part of this "job" so far.  When I hear feedback from people I've sent samples to or members that had a new "oil win" story to share, it makes my heart happy because I got to be a part of that and help them.  Young Living has giving me a new purpose in life.  Everything has changed for the better and I have a more positive outlook on life.  My family is getting healthier and happier.  What could be better than that?