Essential Oils a part of my life!

I thought today would be  a good day to open the eyes of the folks around me to the benefits of Essential Oils! 
Did you know they have been around for century's?  Jesus even used essential oils!  Yes, he was annointed with Frankincense,
Myrrh,  so many Essential Oils.  But there were 12 ancient Essential oils that were used on a regular basis.  

I have used Essential oils for over 3 years now.  I love them, they have changed my life.  I use them to clean, to bathe, to wash clothes, to clean floors, to deodorize, to diffuse, to relieve pain, to build my immune system, to keep us all healthy, here in my home.  Even my pets!  
I thoroughly beleive that using Essential Oils, that are completely natural with a Seed to Seal guarantee, nothing has been added just the oil is better for us than pharmaceuticals.  Just read the labels on those drugs, read what is in them...better yet, read what the little pamphlet in every box says are the side effects that those drugs can give you!  After reading several, I decided that natural is better for me... and I have stuck to it.  

God has given us these oils...let's use them to His glory, to help us live the way He wants us to live!  Naturally!  

Be blessed! 
Jan Coleman-Balch