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Meet Janelle Reinhart

I used to feel like horrible mother.  I was short tempered, exhausted, indifferent, and unhappy.
Then I was diagnosed with Postpartum Depression and sentenced to medications that made me feel like I was living my life like a fly on the wall.  I was there, but I wasn’t feeling anything.  I felt like a robot, like a slave to this new bleak existence.  
So I stopped taking the meds, but fell right back to where I was before.  Crying in a fetal position in my bed for hours, sleeping as much as I could, and welling up in tears in overwhelm at silly things, like the sight of dishes in my kitchen sink.
Then one day I started taking this product.   At first, I didn’t notice much of a difference, but then one day I realized that I was laughing at my kids’ jokes again, that I had more patience with things that used to make me lose it, and that I had energy to talk and be with my husband at night after a long day.
Now I am living my best life.  I can be present to my kids.  I’ve found my joy.  I can connect with each baby and my other children everyday.  I can share meaningfully  with my husband and manage my home in confidence.
Now I want this for EVERY momma.  God designed us to raise WORLD CHANGERS and be one.  I’m fired up to empower and share what I have worked so hard to find.
Come and join our group of empowered moms and learn how you can find freedom and knowledge with the information we share in our exclusive community.
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