The Devil Wants Us Distracted...

What if the devil’s only goal is to distract us from our most important work? You know, those things God has placed on our hearts or in our homes {kids, I’m referring to our kids ;)}.


This has been heavy on my heart lately. I entered 2020 with a “word” for the first time in my life. Having a word has never really resonated with me… possibly because I’m a do-er of all the things at all the times. Limiting myself to one word sounds like literal hell to me. But this year, I entered January KNOWING in my knower {thank you Jennifer Allwood}, that God was calling me to REST. As if limiting myself to one word isn’t bad enough as a do-er, asking me to rest is probably the next hardest thing.


But I knew it. I’ve never felt a word laid on my heart so clearly from the Lord. I made a vision board for the first time and it all centered around rest. Yet somehow, over the last 8 months, I’ve done everything except rest. Sure, there have been MOMENTS of rest and I’ve gotten really good at resting on Sundays as my Sabbath, but overall, I haven’t rested. I’ve done the opposite. I’ve pushed and strived and worked my tail end off and asked my husband for just one more hour to work on more than one occasion.


And here’s the best {worst?} part. Around my vision board that is centered around the word REST…. I stuck about 58 sticky notes of goals and to-do’s {facepalm x3}.


So back to my question… What if the devil understands that the easiest way to get us out of communion with God is to distract us with everything except what God is calling us to do?


And this isn’t specific to rest.


Y’all there are 40 million things vying for your attention right now. I know because there are 40 million things vying for MY attention. It’s everywhere on social media. Everywhere you look there are things to get upset about, things you KNOW break God’s heart – racism, human trafficking, health and wellness, freedoms being taken, all.the.things.


And please hear my heart… those things are IMPORTANT and AWFUL and God is sitting in Heaven cryyyyying over the awfulness of the world… but what if, they’re serving as a distraction from what God is calling us to? {And maybe God is calling you to specifically serve in one of those areas, this isn’t for you}


My point is, especially as a mama, in this season of rest, that I feel like I’ve only gotten right in the last week, my time can be spent on social media and getting caught up in RIGHTEOUS ANGER over the brokenness of this world which ultimately, I can do very little about on social media {don’t shoot me!} OR I can spend my time pouring everything I have into the sweet, innocent babes God has entrusted me with and serving my family well in an effort to ensure that the evilness ends here.


If you think the devil only works in massive steps of outright evil, you’re wrong. He knows you’d point that right out and turn away from it. It’s in the little things that pull your eyes just slightly off God and place them on the current thing that is sickening and heartbreaking and evil. If he can get your eyes fixated on something other than God, he can weasel his way in through that little space and cause it to grow and grow and grow. {Y’all MUST read The Screwtape Letters!}


I’m NOT saying don’t care or don’t be upset or don’t fight. I just think, for me, and I pray this speaks to you as well, my first priority must be giving my family my best. And I can’t do that if I’m always worked up over whatever the next awful thing social media is telling me to worry about.




I CAN however, show my kids what unconditional love looks like. I CAN have serious conversations with my teen about racism. I CAN give my toddlers my full attention and teach them how to protect themselves. I CAN rest in knowing that God knows exactly what He’s doing in the world right now.


And IF you feel like you are being led to fight against any of the awful things currently going on in the world, I am your biggest cheerleader… with one condition. You MUST get off social media at some point. Words without action are words. We just had this conversation with our oldest last night. Social media is a great start, but if God is truly calling you to fight, take some big ole steps of faith and get your hands dirty in the places social media doesn’t see. But know that what you do within the walls of your home, is also of massive impact on the world, even though we may never see it this side of Heaven.



I Never Feel Like a Great Mom Till I Do This...

I'm tearing up as I'm writing this because as soon as the thought popped into my head I knew 1) it needed to be said and 2) that it was for sure something I needed to implement in my own life more often.. probably right now. 

We as moms are always searching for "balance" right? Like I want to be peaceful & present with my family, have a clean house, dinner on the table at 5, bring in some kind of income, exercise daily, eat spinach all day, be a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets (sorry ma!)... and never feel one ounce of stress because I've found the perfect way to balance it all.

So we search for systems to implement and follow people whose ideas we like and we work really hard to juggle all 58 balls in perfect synchrony. And then one small thing happens and we lose our ever loving sh!t. We snap at our kids or ignore our husbands or turn into a bear who just wants to hibernate and be left alone FOREVER. I'm in this place right now.

We're in this journey together to become more peaceful and present, more brave and balanced. But sometimes... I just feel STUUUUUCK. Like I've made zero progress and like I am not any more of those things I listed above than I was a few years ago.

But what if I told you I had the secret sauce to make you feel like the true champion of your home? That feeling when you CRUSH your to-do list, love on your kids and husband hard, make a healthy dinner, and get the kids to bed without a fight (I think this is what heaven will be like ha!)

It's so easy mama... yet so challenging... 


Shut it down. Turn off social media. Turn your whole dang phone off and put it away if you need to. (Tell your family and friends first so they don't send the police out to check on you lolz)

Shut it down. Play with your kids. Mark some stuff off your to-do list. Get into nature. Spend quiet time alone. Lay on the couch and watch a movie. Pray. Bake your neighbors (and your kids) cookies. Go to lunch with a friend.


We don't need to keep looking at others and measuring our own success, we'll never compare to their only perfect parts of life shown on social media. 

(I try to share the crazy as much as the good but if I ever let on that I have it all figured out, please come to our house any time so I can set you straight REAL quick like ;) )

A sweet friend recommended this book to me that gives wonderful tips about how to step away from your phone and INTO your family. So so good!

XO Jordan

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How to Rest for a FULL 24 Hours and NOT Feel Guilty

How to Rest for a FULL 24 Hours and NOT Feel Guilty
In our world today, the term "REST" is associated with laziness. 

I know you know I'm right. We can't sit for 5 minutes without feeling like we should be getting something done. Hustle hustle hustle. More more more. "We can't slow down, 'cause more is best... it's all an endless process. I MISS MAYBERRY!!!" (I hope you're jamming at the top of your lungs by now ;)

But what if I told you that you should be taking an ENTIRE day of rest. A full 24 hours. Lump in your throat? Slight panic? I feel that. 

"How will my kids eat?"
"My house will be a disaster!"
"That's setting my week up for failure."

These were all things I said to myself. But then a friend really challenged me to take a scriptural look at rest. The Bible talks very highly of rest. In fact it's mentioned at least 72 times that I found! It's one of the Ten Commandments y'all! 

Exodus 20:8-11 says, "“Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days you shall labor, and do all your work, but the seventh day is a Sabbath to the Lord your God. On it you shall not do any work, you, or your son, or your daughter, your male servant, or your female servant, or your livestock, or the sojourner who is within your gates. For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that is in them, and rested on the seventh day. Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy."

Even God rested y'all! He sets the ultimate example here!!

So what does a day of rest look like? It will vary person to person, but here are some things I DO NOT DO:
  • clean (none, of any kind - lots of prayers my kids don't pee the bed these days ha!)
  • cook (we're talking a 24 hour period here. so from 6p one day to 6p the next, I do not cook)
  • run errands (not even the grocery store)
  • social media (that crap is TAXING!!!)
  • nothing business or work related, not even a text or a phone call
So what can you do? 
  • sleep in
  • go to church
  • read a book (JUST FOR FUN - not a self help or business book - GUILTY OF THIS!)
  • feed your kids cereal or prep food on a non rest day
  • watch a movie
  • nap
  • play with your kids
Literally anything that makes your heart sing. Try a few different things out and see what fills you most. 

Pick a day. Protect it FIERCELY. Tell your family, friends, boss. It doesn't have to be Sunday. Just fully rest one day a week. I know you will start your week strong after a rest day and finish your week strong knowing you have a rest day coming! This will change everything for you and bless your socks off!!

XO Jordan

**If you're feeling overwhelmed at the thought of a rest day and wondering how you will get everything done, we'd love to have you join our girl gang where we share meal plans, grocery lists, and cleaning schedules that will allow you to REST EASY knowing everything has a date and place for completion! Join us here <3

Easy Peasy Chicken Fried Rice

I'm not at all a food blogger. In fact, when I find a recipe I'm SUPER annoyed that I have to scroll thru a novel. Just gimme the recipe already! (Sorry food bloggers lol) So I'll keep this short and sweet.

We LOVE Chinese food. But I don't love the price. It's a nice, special treat but I also really enjoy cooking at home... most of the time ; )

This is a recipe that is cost effective, yummy, and with a little prep ahead of time, so quick and easy! I've made this recipe so many times that I can do it without following a recipe now and always just add more or less depending on how many people I'm feeding or how many leftovers we want.

  • 4 cups brown rice, prepared
  • 2 cups rotisserie chicken, chopped or 1 pound boneless, skinless chicken breasts cooked
  • 1 cup frozen peas and carrots, thawed
  • 1/2 white onion, finely chopped
  • 4 cloves garlic, minced (I always add more.. never too much garlic!)
  • 4 eggs (I usually do 6. Big family, lots of boys, sports + exercise... we need alllll the protein!)
  • 3 tablespoons sesame oil (Guessing here, I never measure. Pour until the pan is covered)
  • 1/4 cup soy sauce (Guessing again. Just dump a bunch, taste, add more. You're welcome.)
Cook rice according to box. Dice chicken and onion. Add sesame oil to pan. Heat over medium heat. Add onion and cook until tender, 3-5 minutes. Add peas & carrots then garlic. Cook 3 minutes. Add eggs and cook until scrambled. Dump in COOKED rice and chicken. Add soy sauce. Stir to combine. Heat 5 minutes. Serve immediately.

BAM! So easy! So yummy! 

XO Jordan

Morning Baskets

Sometimes I feel like our day just starts off on the wrong foot and stays there 

The kids wake up early, during my quiet time, they're whiny (from waking up early, obvi), I let them watch a show so I can finish my quiet time, one gets hungry and therefore whiny, I give up on quiet time, throw together breakfast and we all continue to be annoyed all day. 

Enter the beloved Morning Baskets

These baskets are FILLED with activities and books, specific to their age and likes, that require little to no help. Meaning I can finish reading my Bible or make breakfast in peace or even get ready for the day! *GASP*

Each of my boys has a basket (these are adorable and sturdy and hold a lot - different color but honestly I wish I had them in the steel :D ). In the morning, when they wake up, if breakfast is not ready yet, for whatever reason (like I haven't drank all of my coffee yet ha!), I just hug them and ask them to go to the table where I set their morning baskets the night before. 

They LOVE these baskets! And they entertain them for SO long!! Most times I have to pull them away from them for breakfast and allow them to go back later. I call that a WIN!

Some ideas for morning baskets:
*sketch books - Let their imaginations run wild with free hand drawing and coloring or have them use stencils or a step by step drawing book like the ones listed below. Sometimes I just draw their name in bubble letters and let them color it in. 
*stencils - These stencils bring me right back to my childhood. They're easy to use, there are TONS of fun designs, and my kids love drawing random images AND creating a whole scene in their sketch books!
* dry erase pouches - Each of the littler boys has a dry erase pouch that I printed a tracing practice of their name and for our 5 year old I put some easy math facts on the other side.
*drawing book for younger kids - My 5 year old LOVES to do step by step drawing videos. But I don't always love that he's on screen, especially first thing in the morning. This book has step by step instructions on how to draw fun, yet simple designs!
*drawing book for older kids - These are great for older kids!
*addition and subtraction flash cards - Perfect for my 5 year old kindergartener.
*alphabet flash cards - Great for my 3 year old who is just learning letters and sounds.
*dry erase workbook - Sometimes they need guidance on these but sometimes they just trace or color on their own... which means I choose peace over perfection ;)
*lined dry erase board - Sensing a theme here? I'm a cheapskate and love things that can be used over and over with simple cleanup, I know you do too ;) Give me all the dry erase things!!! 
*markers - As a teachers' daughter, yes that's multiple teachers lol, I only allow Crayola in my house haha
*twistable crayons - I LOVE these because they're easy to use, hard to break, and seem to last longer!
*devotional - This is not something they do independently but something I am to do with them each morning so if it's in the morning baskets, it's easier to remember! We are LOVING this one because my kiddos are really into science and nature, especially since our move to the country! Louie Giglio does a fantastic job making these interesting, understandable, and truly pointing out how cool God's creation is!!!

Obviously these can be changed and customized to fit your kids' ages and likes. And I love that I can change them as my kids grow and change! So easy! So fun! Here's to peaceful mornings!

What would you include in a basket for your child?! Need help coming up with some ideas? I would LOVE to help you in all things motherhood, but especially this!

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