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Kelli Barker

Revered By Ancient Egyptians, Researched By Modern Scientists

Cherished by ancient cultures, discover this secret that helps maintain radiant skin and vibrant health.
Revered By Ancient Egyptians, Researched By Modern Scientists
Cherished by ancient cultures, discover this secret that helps maintain radiant skin and vibrant health.
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Does the condition of our country bother you as it does me? We can see how our government is very different than what our founding fathers laid out--they based their principles on the Word of God and were not ashamed to say “In God we trust.” We wonder what happened--but then we see all around us that morality, ethics, honesty, hard workers, life-long marriages, consistent, loving, dedicated parents, disciplined, respectful, obedient children, and zealous, Bible-toting, Scripture-quoting Christians all seem to be quickly becoming memories from our past. It has been bothering me for a long time; but what could I do about it? All of that was before all these latest events of 2020--and now we have more and very different issues to deal with.

Leroy Brownlow, in his book, Give Us This Day, writes, “We all remember the touching story of a father who noticed a map of the world in a daily newspaper.  Thinking of a novel idea, he took this page of the paper and cut it into pieces and told his young son to put the world together.  The boy soon jubilantly said, ‘“Dad, I’ve got it,’”

“The father was amazed at how fast the job was completed.  ‘“So soon?’” inquired the father.  ‘“How did you do it?’”

“The boy replied, ‘“I turned the page over and there was a picture of a man.  I just put the man together, and the world was right.’”

“Here is a lesson for us.  Put the man together and the world will be right.”  

What if I took this lesson to heart? What if my family did? And my friends and congregation?  What if our town or our state did? What if our country did? It all starts with one. It all starts with me. Then I can teach my family, and we can teach another family. No matter what is happening in the world around us, our world will be right.

None of these problems in our country happened overnight and they won’t be fixed overnight. But what will fix them is going back to those principles from the Word of God and strengthening our families to be able to live in eternity with Him. If we have an eternal focus, the rest

will take care of itself.

I am a Christian wife and mom of two girls, whom we homeschooled all the way through. My mission in life is to help my family live in Heaven one day, to keep us healthy so that we can serve God to our fullest, and to encourage others to do the same.

While our daughters were young, it became very important to find ways to keep us all healthy.  Then I began learning about the importance of nutrition and was continually amazed at the power of food. Yet I still felt like a sitting duck, helpless in preventing the seemingly inevitable nasties going around. Surely, there just had to be a better way than merely wondering...hoping...wishing for the best. Finally, after much research and many questions, I

FOUND THAT BETTER WAY. I no longer feel like a sitting duck because we’re blessed with an

arsenal of defenses when the bugs attack!

Luke 2:52 says, “Jesus increased in wisdom, in stature and in favor with God and man.”  

If we are determined to help those we love to get to Heaven, it takes balance and true

FOCUS on all the different aspects of life. There are many distractions that work against us when we are simply trying to do our best. I am passionate about helping mothers like me discover balance in our lives--spiritually, physically, and emotionally. I personally invite YOU to join me in my journey to a more abundant, healthful life!

Are you with me? 

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