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Meet Kerry Ann Todd


A little over 5 years ago we were struggling as a family. 

We had just brought home our little guy.  He was the cutest thing but we had one BIG problem- he didn't want to sleep.

Like at all.  I was a tired mama and I needed options FAST.

I ordered two oils as a retail customer from Young Living, Cedarwood and Peace and Calming.

I had no diffuser but I read that I could put them on the bottoms of his feet.  So I did.

And he slept.  And angels sang.

A few months later we were in need of some other support for some other health issues our family was facing.  So I saved for a few weeks and purchased this little box of oils and a diffuser from Young Living.

Guys, I've bought a lot of things in my life.  A lot.  I have the closet and the bookshelf to prove it.

But no purchase I have ever made has paid us back the way that Starter Kit did.

Our life is completely different.  

Not only do we use all the oils in that initial Starter Kit but I also found ways to makeover my cleaning cabinet and then also my personal care routine using the oils in that kit.

If you're curious and you want to know more about ordering your own kit, please send me a message.  I'd love to help you.

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