Live Your Passion Rally

I attended the Live Your Passion Rally in Overland Park KS on Saturday, 10-14-17.  What an awesome time we had!!!  I was able to review all of the new products released at the 2017 convention and learn about the new products released yesterday.  Young Living has added mascara to  their Savvy make up line.  Has your skin told you that it was not happy when you used a very popular "natural" mineral makeup?  Maybe it's' the bismuth in that product???   Young Living Savvy  mineral make up is FREE from bismuth, talc, parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, heavy metals, synthetic fillers, gluten, nylon, and nano-particles.  Yes, you read that right - some cosmetic companies put heavy metals, gluten, synthetic fillers and nylon in their product.  I don't know about you, but I really don't want that stuff on my face.

If you want to attend the next rally and stay informed, mark your calendars for January 13, 2018.    Stay tuned for more information.  :-)

1st Annual Natural Animal Care Workshop

I just returned from the 1st Annual Natural Animal Care Workshop in Bemidji, MN with my mentors.  I gained valuable information from the very knowledgeable Dr. Barbara Fox, DVM, Dr. Jason Dixon, from Dixon Animal Chiropractic, Mary Lehman (and Prade, her gorgeous German Shepherd, a certified search & rescue canine), and Leda Harris Mox, Equine Massage Therapist.  I would absolutely love to share Young Living Essential Oils and oil-infused nutrition with you and your fur babies (big and small).  Please contact me and we can introduce your furry family to Young Living. 

One of my highlights was watching Leda apply Young Living Essential Oils to Rocky, a Percheron.  Rocky thoroughly enjoyed his raindrop massage which assisted with balancing and supporting his respiratory system.  On top of that, he was able to have a warm, moist towel draped over his back where the oils were applied.  I think Rocky was ready to schedule his next Raindrop massage before he left.  I know I would be.