puppies and oils

Last year I adopted two puppies from a local rescue.  I got them when they were tiny, so they have been raised around my collection of Young Living essential oils.  In fact, their indoor dog kennel is in the same room where I store my open bottles (not in use at the time) plus all of my extras.  Everyone can smell essential oils when they walk into that room, even if I don't have anything diffusing at the moment.   One night they were wound up and didn't want to go to bed.  Ugh!  I was so tired and just wanted to go to bed, but Violet & Dash were whining and crying and making such a racket that I had to try something.  I pulled out a bottle of KidScents Sleepyize.  Not only did they sniff the bottle, but they also licked the bottle!!! (ok that's gross, so that bottle belongs to them)  In addition, Violet will steal the bottle out of my hand and chew on the lid!!!  After that little experiment, they quieted down and went to sleep in their kennel.   (Thank goodness)

If you want to introduce your animals to essential oils, do so slowly.  I started the gentle scent in my spare room.  Then I opened the bottle and let them approach me.  Then I applied ONE (1) DROP in my hands, gently rubbed my hands together and applied to their back.  Yes, that's one drop between two pups.   You will want to allow the dog to always have and "out" - we never want to use or diffuse oils in an enclosed room.  Also, if you want to use oils when the animal is stress, make sure their first exposure is during a calm time (i.e. BEFORE the stress happens).  I have also used Peace & Calming on my pups.  If you want to use something on a dog to calm them during fireworks for example, expose the dog to the oil when life is calm and quiet for them.  Otherwise, they may associate the oil with the negative/bad event.

Until next time . . . . Kim

Live Your Passion Rally

I attended the Live Your Passion Rally in Overland Park KS on Saturday, 10-14-17.  What an awesome time we had!!!  I was able to review all of the new products released at the 2017 convention and learn about the new products released yesterday.  Young Living has added mascara to  their Savvy make up line.  Has your skin told you that it was not happy when you used a very popular "natural" mineral makeup?  Maybe it's' the bismuth in that product???   Young Living Savvy  mineral make up is FREE from bismuth, talc, parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, heavy metals, synthetic fillers, gluten, nylon, and nano-particles.  Yes, you read that right - some cosmetic companies put heavy metals, gluten, synthetic fillers and nylon in their product.  I don't know about you, but I really don't want that stuff on my face.

If you want to attend the next rally and stay informed, mark your calendars for January 13, 2018.    Stay tuned for more information.  :-)
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