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About Me

Thank you for Visiting my Site!!  I have been interested in Health and Wellness since my teen years.  I entered my Kinesiology Degree program in Calgary at the age of 17 lead by this interest.  The intense study of theory and only limited application of knowledge through this degree lead me to a Massage Therapy program, then disciplines such as Touch for Health, Reiki, Essential Oils, Homeopathy and BodyTalk in my Early 20's.  These studies continued through my 20's and some of them still continue toward 40.

I was first exposed to YL oils and Raindrop therapy through a friend (we were in a Qi Gong group together) in 2008.  We decided to start swapping therapies and I was able to receive raindrop therapy.  I LOVED the subtlety and DEPTH of these treatments!!! We continued to swap for about a year until both of our lives got swamped with kids, and work!!!! Then I was exposed again through a wise BodyTalk colleague.  Her Facebook posts and some of our infrequent conversations all gave so much information.  I signed up with her and consumed oils just for myself in the first year as well as Taking the Vitaflex and Raindrop Certification.  I have loved applying those techniques to my clients …. but that still has not got the oils into others homes or techniques into their capable hands!!! So now is the TIME to both offer the oils to YOU and empower YOU with age old as well as newly evolved uses and techniques to take these products application and impact in your life to the highest LEVEL..

I would love to be allowed the privilege to teach and inspire you with the power of Essential Oils.