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13 years ago I was a mess.

 Not on the outside but I was infertile, full of allergies, anxiety, and a host of “weird” diagnoses. 

I started researching and trying to lessen the toxic load inside my body. I learned that simple changes can have a HUGE impact on my health - little things like eating pineapple during certain times of my monthly cycle made me believe that one small change at a time could change my whole life.

Fast forward to when I had babies (TWINS!) and didn’t want a history of health problems for them. I started making my own EVERYTHING! Cleaners, baby wipes, face wash, shampoo, sunscreen, I could go on and on. I tried all types of companies and products. I read books, I followed websites, I pinned SO MANY PINS!  I cut toxins like candles and laundry detergents. I changed my skin routine and anything I put on my body and my kids skin. I added in healthy choices and made those healthy choices for my kids too. 

Now 13 years later, we still make changes every single day. Our family motto is “Know better, do better”. We understand that we are making conscious choices that help all of our health along the way. 

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