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How To Handle Stress

3 simple steps to changing the way you think about stress

 Stress is an everyday thing in our lives. Stress can help us complete projects, or it can be debilitating. Stress can be tension in your neck and shoulders or it could be difficulty breathing and a racing heartbeat. Stress can be positive and helpful or negative and harmful. Whatever stress you experience, I want you to understand there are options and choices. You don’t have to live in stress. Read on to get a free recipe for my favorite stress-reducing roller bottle.

 Think Positively

It has been scientifically proven that when we look at stress as positive, our body responds positively to that stress. If we look at stress as a negative, it has detrimental effects on our health in general. So change up your thoughts! Do you feel the tension starting? Tell your body that it’s okay. Thank your body for helping you get through this activity or task that is causing the tension. 


We don’t breathe enough and we don’t breathe deeply enough. Anyone who has ever had a panic attack knows what I’m talking about! You start breathing shallow and feel like you can’t catch your breath. Try “box breathing”. It’s a simple technique that can be used whenever you feel like you aren’t breathing deeply enough. Breathe in for a count of 4, hold your breath for a count of 4, breathe out for a count of 4, and hold again for a count of 4. Repeat 4 times. If you need more, do it more!! 

  Small Life Changes

Sometimes you have to take a good look at your life in order to decrease stress. What is causing you the most stress? Work, home? Is there anything you can do to help it? Look at your diet. Are you drinking a lot of caffeine? Are you hydrated enough? Are you eating processed food or whole foods? Do you get enough sunlight? Are you sleeping enough? Do you exercise? Each of these things have a HUGE impact on your levels of stress and anxiety. Think very carefully about small steps you can take to alleviate some of that stress.

Stress Relief Roller Bottle Recipe

In a 10 ml. roller bottle add:

10 drops Lavender

10 drops Orange

10 drops Frankincense

10 drops Bergamot

10 drops Patchouli

Top up with carrier oil of your choice or V6.
Roll on wrists, neck, chest and take deep breaths. Apply as often as needed 

It's so important to realize how small things can make HUGE changes!
 When dealing with change in a positive direction, even with small changes, It’s important to know that not all essential oils are created equal—you can’t just go out to a retailer and trust that you’re getting the good stuff. Lucky for you, I’ve got a source I trust - they have all this and MORE things I use to handle my stress on the daily!! Get in touch!