Start Losing Weight in 3 Steps

Weight loss can be so hard for some people. Are you in the group that finds it challenging to lose weight? You’ve tried everything and nothing works? Well welcome to the club! I have tried to lose weight for years; cutting calories, cutting carbs, eat less/exercise more, try this supplement, try this tea. Nothing has worked and in most cases these things have ADDED weight to my body. Read on if any of this applies to you and I will share my gentler approach to weight loss including my favorite water ‘recipe’. 

Start by being gentle. 
You have to give yourself some grace and patience. If you’re anything like me, you have treated yourself terribly because you have not been able to lose weight. The first step is to use kind words when talking to yourself. Tell yourself that it is okay to lose weight, remind yourself of all the things your body CAN do for you. Be gentle with yourself and remember that in order to sustain healthy weight loss, this is a life change, not a quick fix. It took you years to put the weight on, give yourself time to take it off. 
Drink up!  
Hydration is key to releasing toxins and in this case, weight. Drink your water!! Start by adding to what you are currently drinking, remember, you’re being gentle to your body. If you drink 1 glass of water a day (be honest now), add another glass. If you drink 2 glasses a day, add on to that! You can even have a water goal such as “I will drink 2 glasses of water before I drink coffee today.” And stick with it!! Keep track of your water and see how much you are drinking. 

Stick with it.  
Yo-yo dieting is my middle name. I have tried ALL of the diets and sure, I lost a little weight on some of them, but NOTHING was sustainable. So think carefully about HOW you want to eat. If you try something, make sure you are able to carry it out. Things like keto or whole 30, eliminating ALL sugar or wheat, only work if you are never, ever going to cheat. I knew that wasn’t for me. I’m a HUGE cheater!! I know these are not sustainable for me. Be honest with yourself. Pick a diet that YOU WILL STICK TO FOREVER!! In better terms, think about how you want to NOURISH your body. Doesn't that sound nice? Giving your body what it needs to detoxify safely, eliminate unnecessary weight, and feel better doing it. 

My Favorite 'Water' Recipe 

2 drops Lemon Vitality EO

1 drop Peppermint Vitality EO

1 drop Orange Vitality EO

Add oils into the bottom of a stainless steel or glass bottle, fill with filtered water and ice cubes to the top and drink up!!

Remember what I mentioned about being gentle with yourself and reducing the toxins in your body to lose weight? It’s important to know that many things we use in our daily lives in and around our bodies can have toxic loads that contribute to our weight gain. Lucky for you, I’ve got a source I trust that takes away all of the guess work for reducing toxins and helping my body heal itself. Want to know more? Get in touch!