Happy June!  & 2017 Convention was a Huge Success!

Happy June! & 2017 Convention was a Huge Success!

Hello and Welcome. Happy Summer Solstice tomorrow!! 
WOW! did you hear???
58 New Products for you to check out very soon in your Back office! That is Incredible! My favorite new line- is the Make up line! Young Living purchased one of my fave make up- free of all junk and garbage- Savvy Minerals! I hope you get to experience it for yourself soon! If you haven't attended a Convention yet, really consider doing so- they are a phenomenal event! and full of adventure, classes, community, product exploring and entertainment!

But most important... Thank you for continuing to SHARE because you CARE- that Young Living is Unique..

Young Living doesn't just offer pure essential oils.

Young Living offers... all things essential oil.
* Bath and body products.
* Massage products.
* Health and nutrition supplements.
* Snacks and meal replacement.
* Weight management and hunger control products.
* Oral care products.
* Natural cleaning solutions.
* Diffusers
* And more
Products that fit your lifestyle.

Cheers! I Wish you all things wellness!
Enjoy the Summer!  Get outdoors and play!  Let Go! Breathe.... 

Love and Light! 
Lori Ann