Going with the flow and flowing with happiness as we go...

Going with the flow and flowing with happiness as we go...
This morning started as one of THOSE Monday mornings!
Autumn is here with all her glorious colours, meaning that the nights are cooler, so when morning rolls around it's really hard to emerge from our little cocoon of warmth and delightful morning snuggles. I'm not ready to give in to Mother Nature's call and am stubbornly resisting the urge to turn the heat up.

Groggily stumbling around once I could finally force myself to stick my nice warm toes out into the frigid air, I went about the morning routine as usual....let dog out, fill coffee pot with water, grind coffee, put water on stove to boil for oatmeal, fill beloved's to-go cup, wake youngest daughter, stir in oatmeal and add honey, butter, frozen berries, and cinnamon, let simmer....let poor dog in who's been staring in through the patio door beseechingly for the last 5 minutes....you know the deal!

Sat down to watch the latest news video podcast, only to be depressed by the violence and hatred that is so prevalent lately, then got up to see hubby out the door and on his way to work......only to have him suddenly widen his eyes as a thought visibly struck him!
"I forgot I booked the car in for a service today!! Can you drive into the city too so you can take me to work after dropping the car at the mechanic?"

Ugh!! So totally not awake enough to tackle the 50ish km drive into the city from our little oasis and then back again. I kind of had other things planned for my morning.......but, one does what one must!

And so I did....and the thought struck me on my drive home how very adaptable every member of my family is and how that has contributed to the fact that we have an amazing and satisfying life. I've never felt that I've fallen into a rut and just blindly turned the hamster wheel of life! Adventure and change is something that I welcome as it keeps me not only young at heart, but also enthusiastic about life in general. I couldn't imagine living a hum-drum life, I think it would drive me crazy. 
Don't get me wrong, I admire people who are content with a simple life. It would, however, be unfulfilling for me.

Looking back I see that this philosophy, albeit unintended, has been the constant thread in my life. I've always faced problems and change and emergencies with, "oh ok, so let's see how best to deal with this and just get it done!" And I must say that my life has gone in directions I couldn't have fathomed. The funny thing is that both my husband and I are very calm people who don't attract chaos, yet in the face of it we don't back away either. It usually ends up that the creator (or beneficiary) of said chaos, leans heavily on us to guide them out of the mess. 
And we have grown and developed and broadened our minds in ways too numerous to count. It has gifted us with foresight and an open-minded approach to life that we hope to inspire others with. 

It is that adaptability, that surging forward into the fray instead of running away squealing, that has imbued us with strength and enriched our lives. It has allowed us to be confident in the fact that no matter what life throws at us, we can take a deep breath, grab each other's hand and face it head on, adapting as we go, and come through swinging on the other side. 

So, no matter whether it's a good or bad situation, I look forward to each and every spontaneous occurrence that crops up, so that I can cherish each moment of personal growth that adaptability affords me.

And so I say to life.....